5 Ideas For...A Family Date Night.

Following 2 successful family date night's I thought I would compile a list of our favourite ways to spend time together as a family!

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1. Go out for food

Plenty of places now do 'kids eat free' or 2 for 1 or even 2 for £10. It doesn't have to be expensive or stressful. Take a few favourite toys or maybe make up a couple of these Busy Bags to keep the kids entertained. Why not phone ahead and find out their quietest days and times so you know you won't be waiting forever and day for food to arrive, remember waiting time equals boredom so take steps to erase the time spent waiting to make your meal out a success. And if all else fails there's always the IPad to watch favourite cartoons on Youtube on!!!

2. Movie Night

Choose a family favourite, make some popcorn. We serve ours in popcorn boxes so we all have our own and, to get the real cinema experience, drink juice/pop from disposable coca cola cups (you can pick up about 100 of them for around £10/15 on eBayon) Close the curtains turn off the lights and cuddle up on the sofa and enjoy your film! For a bit more added fun why not try a pretend drive through complete with cardboard cars for the kids to sit in!

3. Go for a walk

Simply enjoy the great outdoors and get yourselves out! We love nothing more than a walk along the beach (with an ice-cream or donuts!) enjoying the evening sunshine.

4. Games night

Board games? Card games? OR you could try some minute to win it games (they are all over YouTube and so easy to find BUT you will need to forward plan this so that you have the right stuff). We enjoyed this idea a couple of months ago and we did find some ideas to use bits we already had around the house!  Oh and don't forget the prizes!!!

5. Camp Out

Now this one might not be for all, but its one everyone should try at leat once! We did a backyard campout back in July 2014 and oh we had so much fun! Unfortunately due to Elsie being so small one of us had to stay in the house for the night, I know people go camping with babies but its not my idea of fun so it was best to keep her in her routine and in her cot!

Have Fun!

What do you like to do as a family? 
Do you enjoy 'Date Nights'? 
I'd love to hear about them in the comments below!

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  1. Some fabulous ideas.

    We walk alot in the evenings n love to watch the sunsetting.....

    1. Its on of the ones we do more often, it costs little or no money and its nice to get out of the house, and of course the kids always sleep better after an evening walk!

  2. Yey!! What a great idea for a post - your kids are so lucky to have a mum like you, you're always dreaming up new ways to entertain them and enjoy being together. We live by the beach, we should definitely get along there one evening this week for a walk :) xxxx

    1. I saw your new blogpost saying you have been enjoying the beach more! Yey!! :) X

  3. Family dates, I love it! What a fab little tradition to start :-) #allaboutyou

  4. Great ideas love family time#allaboutyou

    1. Thanks Amy, we love family time, unfortunatly they dont happen tooften by the time hubby gets back from work its tea bath bed, so whilst we can enjoy the summer and enjoy the flexibility of a later bedtime its nice to get together x

  5. I never thought about making a list like this for the family - great idea...with great ideas! :)

    Must admit I'm quite jealous that we can't easily go for a walk on the beach! Whilst my girls are too young for a full movie, I like your idea of a movie experience with curtains drawn and popcorn...I think my 2 and 4 year old will like that too! :)

  6. Aw some lovely ideas, family time is so so important!!
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

  7. I look forward to doing these when Sophie is older. I love the cinema in your house with popcorn trays. I would love to have a cinema in the garden during the summer x


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