Shape Matching Rockets

This activity was so easy to prep, low maintenance and quick too. Whats not to love right? These shape matching rockets are a great way to get tots recognising and naming shapes as well as exploring space.

What you need:
Plain paper
Coloured paper
Scissors and a pen (to prep)

Our invitation to play was really simply set up and was simply a blank space rocket and a variety of craft paper shapes (pre made to make sure that they fit!)

It was also a good idea to talk about size as some of the triangles were long and some were short. Some were fat and some were thin. This would be a really good activity with a variety of pictures, why not explore shapes with a house picture? 


  1. Love the idea :) :) I think this will too easy for Aarya :)

    1. I would complicate it maybe not having the base just to build the rocket on their own x


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