Cereal Box Football Pitch.

What better way to celebrate the impending World Cup than with you very own football pitch made from a cereal box! 

What you will need:

Cereal box
Craft knife
Green Paint 
White Chalk
2 Straws
Playdough/blu-tack or something similar
Netting you get oranges packed in

1. Start by taping around the edges of your box the full width to keep it strong I used masking tape and went around a few times.

2. Using the craft knife cut the top of the box and the inside 'flaps'. (you can discard these you won't be needing them)

3. Now paint the inside green...Jenson and Evie did this for me, I squirted a small amount of paint in the box and let them free with a brush (boring mummy, but it was that or have a soaked with paint and wrecked box!!!)

4. Chop the small 'bendy' end of the straws (you can discard these too)

5. Cut suitably sized rectangles and thread your straw through (like shown then bend your straw at each end and hook through the bottom 'holes' in the net.

6. Wrap the playdough around the base (doing this you should be able to grip the net in too!) do the same with the other straw and these will make your goals.

7. Once the paint is dry put your goals in place and use the chalk to draw out your pitch.

8. Add a pom pom and 2 straws and your ready to play blow football! Jenson and Evie also got their small world people and made them 'kick the ball' so a 2 in 1 creation if you like!

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