Playdough and Loose Parts.

Today Evie went for a walk with my Nan so we took the opportunity to get the Playdough out, shop bought today not homemade after last time!)

We got out the playdough together and I asked what he would like to use he chose: pennies, his ice cream and fruit playdough set, googly eyes, pom poms and pipe cleaners and a couple of rollers.

I set it all out on his little table and just sat and observed what he did, I love just sitting and watching when there is no agenda.

Here is what he got up to:

''Look Mummy...eyes nose and his mouth''

''Look at the patterns Mummy''

''Look Mummy....I made Icecreams!!!!!''

And Icecreams with ''chocolate sticking out on it''...I assume he meant like a flake!

Printed with the pennies

Cut out with his circle cutter and printed pennies, he used these to ''pay'' for his ice creams!

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  1. My boys love play dough too. I love the play dough pennies for buying play dough ice cream :)


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