Play Dough Monsters!!

I saw the idea of these here at creative connections for kids I made a couple of changes, straws instead of pipe cleaners and Mr Potato Head pieces added to the table.

The Invitation To Play looked like this:

Jensons 1st monster...

Evies monster had lots of eyes...

And her second monster had lots of arms...

D (I will call my step son D on the rare occasions he is featured, I wont show his face or his name as I dont believe its my place to do so!) created this monster, apparantly to get around he jumps using his tongue and walks on his hands. I think it looks like it could well be a Moshi monster!

Finally Jenson created this, I love that he got that bodys have different erm sections (I cant think of the about thick!!) 

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  1. Another great idea to use mr potato head pieces with playdough. X


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