Exploring Textures with Process Art

Yesterday we got out the paints, not a paint brush in sight as I set out pom poms and pegs, stickle bricks and our DIY Pattern Printers.

I usually do these kind of activities on wallpaper liner (its so much cheaper than kids paper, approx £2-3 for a massive roll and thick enough to withstand a child's paint on top of paint on top of paint on top of paint...(you get the idea) but we didn't have any so I used some pale brown parcel paper instead.

The original picture they are working on above didn't stay looking like this for long...they did that kid thing of mushing it all up so that it was just a big brown blob (No pictures as I was dealing with a moaney Elsie. Why does it always happen to me!!) Once Elsie settled we got a new piece of paper and rolled the rollers to each other and ended up with this cool picture below....   

I love it so much I'm going to keep it and use it in my bedroom as wall art when we redecorate!! Just need to find coordinating pieces now, not sure how the hubby will feel about a pink, green and orange bedroom, though.

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  1. This is amazing! Would make great wrapping paper too! Glad T isn't the only one whose pictures always end up brown! X

  2. this looks awesome! :D xx

  3. What a simple but genius idea! Will definitely give these a go! :) xx

  4. Looks great ( if a little brown! ) I've got the idea of painting with a potato masher to make Easter eggs! Who know how that will turn out !!


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