Monster Ice

This was originally planned for yesterday (but I forgot to had to prep yesterday ready for today!), this was a serious hit! #toddlerapproved!

What you need:

Ice cube trays
Water (I know thats a given but you never know...)
Google Eyes
Pipe Cleaners 
we also used string (I was planning on using wool but couldnt find any grrrrr!!!!)

For the prep I left the kids to it filling the ice cube trays with googley eyes., pipe cleaners, string and chopped up straws.

The invitaion to play was simply the ice cubes in the tray I was planning on adding some water as the activity 'got boring' but it didnt! they played happily for around 45 minutes until the majority of the ice had gone!


Excuse the half naked Evie, we started potty training today!

Jenson loved them, making the monsters 'talk' and roar!

What I loved most was that Elsie joined in too! She loved the experience and her big brother and big sister loved having her play with them! For once they didnt have to 'watch Elsie' and 'be careful' because she was right there with them!!

Then the tools came out! Jenson wanted to get the eyes out, I asked him how and he attempted to hit the ice on the side of the tray, I suggested he used his toy hammer so of he (and obviously his little follower Evie) went they came back with hammers and saws...

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  1. I absolutely love this idea and know that T will too, can't wait to give it a go. X


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