Mini Beast Sensory Bin.

One of our 'things to do' on our Spring Bucket List is a mini beast hunt, this weekend we will be getting our wellies on and grabbing some magnifying glasses and binoculars (what is it with kids and those 2 items!) and going on  a muddy bug hunt...BUT what if you aren't too keen on bugs and beasts? Well I have come up with a great idea...well I thought it was a great idea anyway...

What you need:

Plastic mini beast's
Toilet roll tubes
Hot chocolate powder
Coffee granules
Tea bags
Box (preferably a lidded one)
I emptied my hot chocolate powder and coffee granules into the box and then cut the tops of around 30 teabags and emptied the tea leaves into the box too, it gave a really good effect of sand and soil (well I thought so anyway) I added some toilet roll tubes to use as "logs" and popped it onto the table ready to be played with. Halfway through the activity, I added some flower heads from some stems I was about to throw out from my vase of flowers. 

At first Evie was a bit scared of the "bugs" but I left her too it, not wanting to make a big fuss over it and carried on exploring with Jenson....

and she soon got stuck in mainly exploring the "soil" and making marks in it then touching the bugs!

Jenson got stuck straight in searching for hidden spiders and bugs hidden inside the logs. He loved it! 


  1. My two would love this, they love disgusting bugs and beasties!

  2. This looks extra messy so I know Georgia would love it....and hopefully the smell of the coffee would stop her trying to eat it!! #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

  3. About as close to bugs as I'd like to get - love the idea. My kids would love this!


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