Monster Puppets.

Our inspiration for this activity came from Happy Hooligans though we took it in another direction and went for monster hand puppets instead of a hanging mobile.

You will need:

Toilet Roll tubes
Paint and Brushes
Cut-out Zig Zagged Teeth (I used foam but I suppose anything you fancy could be used here)
Googly Eyes
Pipe cleaners

This couldn't be easier! Paint your toilet roll tubes, stick on eyes and mouth and push a pipe cleaner in the sides for arms! The tubes are the perfect size for little hands!

excuse Jenson in his pants, he mostly seems to strip of for painting activities rather than ruin matter how many times I tell him they are old and for messy play!

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  1. These look like super fun, empty toilet roll tubes have so many uses! #Playtime

  2. These look like great fun to make and play with! Thanks for linking up to #Playtime

  3. Gag my phone is rubbish with comments!

    I love this, this is a great activity for loo rolls which we have in abudance in our house! different from when I was little and I was waiting forever for the loo roll to do the next blue Peter project! X

    1. yeah same here! And no one throws them away just chucks them down the side of the toilet and the bath grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

  4. These are so cute, aw how young does Jenson look! x

    We actually have a box for empty loo rolls now, I really need to start thinking of more to do with them :)



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