4 Ingredient Herby Flat Breads | Cooking With Kids

After following Jamie Oliver on Instagram, I came across a picture of his Easy Flatbread. I knew right away this would make a great lunch for the monsters. The recipe is so easy to follow that toddlers can make it themselves!

Dinosaur Sensory Bin.

Our Rice and Pom Pom Sensory Bin lasted a good couple of days before we started getting bored of it and it seemed like a shame to just throw out perfectly good rice, don't worry I didn't cook it I reused it in a new sensory bin!

Rice and Pom Pom Sensory Bin.

Now I love a sensory bin! The monsters love a sensory bin! In this house, we all love a sensory bin! I had seen some amazing wall mazes on some blogs that I thought would go well with a pom pom sensory bin....

Indoor Snow.

Now for a long time I've wanted to try this! Indoor Snow...amazing right?  Especially as the winter in the UK has somewhat lacked snow (gutted!). I got onto Pinterest to search for a suitable 'recipe' and quickly came across  D.I.Y Indoor Snowman on Modern Parents Messy Kids blog. I then sent the hubby of to Morrisons with a shopping list to collect my goodies...

Toddler Yoga with Cosmic Kids Yoga.

Day 6 of the #wmlplayeachday was explore....I really wanted us to explore something new and as they both really enjoy dancing I thought we could explore the ways our bodies move with a spot of baby/toddler yoga!

It took me quite a while to find something that was engaging for them as much as me (as well as being able to find what I was looking for as a lot of pregnancy yoga came up).  I eventually stumbled across Cosmic Kids Yoga and found the YouTube posts to be perfect for Jenson and Evie it kept their attention and was bright and colourful with a really friendly host.

The way it works is the host Jaimie tells a story, an interactive adventure for you all to go on and the yoga moves are incorporated into the adventure. 

We started with Episode 1 "Squish the fish" and immediately Evie got started copying me and watching Jaimie (Jenson on the other hand was having a huffy moment for some reason and wouldn't join in but his eyes didn't move from the screen on the laptop and I would watch him grinning at the story...when all of a sudden he would remember that he was supposed to be huffy!

Jenson finally came to join us 5 minutes in (then huffed his way through the remaining 10 minutes) to the 15 minute programme. They wanted to do another episode which I opened episode 2 whilst I made some lunch and I could hear their giggling from the kitchen!

It is definitely something I will return to and has been bookmarked on my laptop for future use!

Sorry for the blurred pics!




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About Me - Text Version

Hi, I'm Becky. Married Mum of 4.

Let's go back, 

To the beginning, to one crazy mad morning mid February 2014. When I posted a Facebook status and a photo to Instagram telling my friends and followers about my hectic morning making a 'quick and easy' play dough I had found on Pinterest (more on this later)...a few friends and followers suggested I create my own blog and so here I am. 

A nursery nurse with a 12year career behind her to stay at home mum. I thought it would be easy, and after working through my eldest daughters younger years I was, and am, so grateful that we are in a position that allows me to stay at home.

But sometimes? Its crazy and stressful.

I was a great lover of these Pinterest Mums and all they had to offer, but I, and more than a few of my friends, didn't feel they were real.

Which brings me nicely to the play dough story. 'Quick and easy' the post on Pinterest told me, so I thought I could get it done before 2 toddlers and a baby realised I was gone. 'whip it up in seconds' the blogger said. 'you will be out of the kitchen before the kids know your are gone' was the promise. Elsie noticed I was gone within seconds of my hands entering the gloopy pre play dough mess, crying and screaming at the gate whilst Jenson moaned to get in the kitchen and help. And 'mess free'? both me and Elsie, along with Jenson, my kitchen and the living room carpet were COVERED in flour and red food colouring!

By joining in with Instagram play communities I had got myself  a small Instagram following by now, sharing what I was up to with 2 toddlers and a baby. We were surrounded by these Pinterest Mums, winning at life with their pristine homes, well behaved kids and all the time in the world.

And we wanted real life. So I was to build this blog that said it as it was.

A real mum.

A real blogger.

So, what now?

The Pinterest mums were amazing and I was never going to be like them.

And the 'real mum' bloggers were smashing it out of the park, I would never be one of them (not funny enough!)

And so...

3 Princesses and 1 Dude became somewhere we shared our activity ideas, our recipes, our adventures, our tips and inspiration.

And then in 2016, after dabbling on and off with YouTube for 2 years, I decided to go for it and starting uploading 3 times a week.