Healthy Lunchbox Ideas | Soreen Lunchbox Loaves

This isn't the first time I have written about healthy lunchbox ideas, I love finding new ideas to fill the mini monsters lunchboxes, I won't lie, it is probably the thing I search for most on Pinterest! I hate the idea that they might get bored of the same old thing. The same tuna sarnie, the same cheesey dipper...the same banana muffins, the same I love to mix it up, even if that means something as simple as swapping a tuna sandwich for a tuna filled pitta pocket!

So how can you provide a healthy and exciting lunchbox, without breaking the bank or spending a week in the kitchen making and baking? And making sure it is something that children will love? I had a chat with 2 of my mini monsters (4 and 5) and here is what would make their PERFECT lunch for school...

My little mini's told me that there favourite thing to have as a main is a roll, apparently its better than bread...I didn't dare break their little hearts and tell them that a roll is bread, but hey, what they don't know wont hurt them! The filling on the other hand was a point of major discussion, as we went from soft cheese and ham and lettuce...back to tuna...then to jam...then to ham (because obviously it rhymes, and que a whole conversation surrounding ham rhyming words!) It was a bit like when you go to buy yourself a sandwich from the fridge in the supermarket and you stand looking at them forever like if you pick the right one you might just win a million know what I mean so don't even act like you don't!!

Next on the list was dry cereal...for some reason they love a tub of dried shreddies, cherrios or shredded wheat! I have no idea why, but they like it and I always think its better than a chocolate bar or biscuits, I do, however always add a couple of miniature biscuits to the mix so they do get a little treat in there!

Next up for a savoury they chose homemade tortilla chips, they are so simple to make and cost so little, no extra salt and so much healthier than pre-packaged crisps too! And actually my guys prefer them to bags of crisps, they really like to have them cut into different shapes too, they love fnding suprise love heart tortilla chips in the lunchbox!  They are really easy to make, the mini monsters show you how below.

Next up they love a tub of veggies, preferably cucumber and cherry tomatoes, occasionally they will venture into the world of carrot and pepper's! They also really like a tub of natural yoghurt and some fruit so they can make there own pudding. 

The little monsters also love a cake in the lunchbox. Did you know that Soreen Lunchbox Loafs meet school food standards as well as being low in fat AND they are only 95kcals each and a great source of fibre too. Whats more they come individually wrapped so they wont dry up AND they are suitable for vegetarians, oh and they are a great snack for us parents too, I won't lie I could eat a whole pack! They are a great alternative to iced cakes and mini muffins in the lunchbox and they come in 2 varieties, malt lunchbox loafs and banana lunchbox loafs. 

Disclaimer: I received these products from Soreen in return for social shares, but decided to share with my readers also.