Zeek Review | Buy and Sell Gift Cards

When Zeek, a website and app where you can save money with discounted gift vouchers and make money from gift vouchers that you will never use, asked me if we would like to review the service and their app I was pretty curious, and thought it sounded like a great way to save money on an upcoming purchase.

From Argos to iTunes and Pizza Express to Starbucks, there are vouchers for all of your favourite stores, both high street and online, and food places, so if you know what you are looking for you head over to the website or the app and simply search for what you are looking for. You can even buy vouchers for grocery stores, and whilst Tesco vouchers only get around 1% discount you can get Iceland vouchers with up to 4% discount so it is worth a look if you want to save on your everyday buys. You can even buy vouchers for Spa days with up to 30% discount and if you are heading to Build a Bear check out the Zeek app and you could get up to 25% off. Of course these offers may change from the time of writing this review (April 2017) as it depends on what people are selling!

Once you have chosen and paid for you vouchers electronic vouchers are delivered immediately, and physical vouchers are posted out to you.

Whats more, Zeek uses several verification procedures to ensure that the vouchers listed are legitimate, and all of your details are kept secure throughout the process.

Saving Money With Zeek, App Review.

Cooking With Kids. Carrot Shaped Crispy Cakes

Its been a while since we did some baking and shared the recipe, but with Easter just around the corner it would be rude not to share a fun Easter bake! We were going to make something similar to last years Caramel Egg Crispy Cakes but last minute...when I couldn't find our rectangle baking tray I changed my mind and decided that our round baking tin would be perfect to make some carrot shaped crispy cakes!

Four of My Favourite Places To Visit

Last week www.chill.ie/ sent me an e-book of must do road trips in Ireland, it got me thinking about my favourite places to visit. Whether it be a day trip or longer. All of the places come from holidays me and my family took when I was a child. They have that charm of childhood memories and as me and Dean have been talking about taking the monsters to places we visited as kids I thought I would put a mini list together and make it a bucket list of places we want to visit in the next couple of years.

Smudged Chalk Galaxy Art

This was a really fun activity that the mini monsters really enjoyed, there is something about chalk that means kids, or mine at least, just want to explore the effects that they can make. Smudged chalk art is great for making a galaxy effect on black paper.

Smudged chalk makes a really cool galaxy effect. Why not give it a try.

Creating An Inspirational and Lasting First Impression

How many times have you walked into some where, lets say a reception area somewhere, maybe a doctors, maybe the dentists and made an impression on the spot. A few years ago Ellie had an appointment and the reception area wasn't the best. Where there could have been comfortable and impressive office reception furniture, there were tatty chairs, ripped posters, and regimental and tired looking furniture. She immedietly got aggy, her, and my first impression wasn't great, she was nervous as it was and this area was supposed to be the place to settle her nerves.

As we sat waiting, we was fully expecting to walk into Miss Trunchballs office, when in fact  the actual room we were invited into was bright, clean, cosy and comfy. A complete contrast to what had met us previously. The staff we spoke with completely lovely. But that first impression? That is what she remembers mostly.

I am currently in the process of bringing together a small home office area, primarily for myself, to inspire me to get my blogging mojo back. You probably have this image of bloggers sat in a trendy home office right? Well, I currently sit on my living room floor at the coffee table, and its not the most inspiring space to be creative!

What has this got to do with anything I started this blog post talking about you may ask? 

We want an area that we walk into and want to stay, as this area will be used by Ellie as a study area too, I need an area that looks great, that creates a lasting impression, and one that we will look at and be inspired to sit at, somewhere that makes me feel like a mum boss, somewhere I can create, somewhere I can be the blogger I know I can be! And somewhere that Ellie is inspired to be her best.

We have decided that we want white gloss, we want copper, and we want inspiring quotes to greet us when we walk into the room.

Finding furniture we both love and can afford (that girl ahs expensive taste!) is proving difficult but here ere are a few of the things we have found that we both love, including this chair from furniture at work, ikea desk. Mug and prints from etsy (which are both on order as we speak!) and the wall organiser, meant for a kitchen but shhh!, from Red Candy is sat in my bedroom waiting to be put up (review coming soon).

Come back soon to find out how we decorated our inspiring study area.

This is a collaborative post.

Five Busy Mum Beauty Tips

So back in January I promised myself I would take more time out for me, that I would make more of an effort, if not for me then or my poor husband who is probably sick of looking at my unbrushed mane and eye bags! But fast forward to April and here I am sat here typing with an unbrushed mum bun, and stained t-shirt (please tell me you are sat there reading this in exactly the same state!) So when Ellisons, experts in beauty, sent me through an e-book containing beauty tips, information about the right health foods to eat and how to look after your hair I thought I would share a few of the tips here for you...