Chad Valley Pop Up Shop Review #ChadValleyPlayPanel

We recently received our final package as part of the Chad Valley Play Panel, we received lots of lovely things but the one that has gotten the most play this half term was the Chad Valley Pop Up Shop Play Tent  (its really been a savior for the mot boring half term ever!!)

Let me set the scene, bedtime after a rainy start to half term and a boring day stuck indoors the monsters huffed about how boring the day had been 'can we do somthing fun tomorrow Mummy' they asked as I tucked them up in bed. 'Of course' I said as I headed back downstairs and turned out the lights....

Then the next morning came and as I listened to the patter, hang on who am I kidding, I mean thumping of feet down the stairs I waited for the excitement to start...



''COME ON LETS PLAY'' 2 and I was winning at the half term game...

You see as the monsters fell asleep the night before I had gotten the play tent, and the post office (not included with the play tent, and a separate review ill be coming soon) set out  for what I was hoping to be a morning of fun, little did I know was that this little shop of delight would bring a whole week of fun to a boring February half term. 

The play tent was super easy to put up and took me about the same amount of time as it took for the kettle to boil for my evening coffee, you just unfold and pop in some poles and voila...your shop is ready to go. 

The tent comes with a fun grocery print detail as well as cash register print to the outside window and it also comes with some fun features including a Open/Closed sign, an attachable felt bell and a net shopping bag with fabric money. 

Throughout the week we added some of our favourite toys, our Disney Princess Cash Register, a shopping trolley and, the biggest hit of all, some boxes and bottles from our recycling pile! Through out the week the pop up shop has been Lidl, it has been Asda, it's been a house, its been a monsters den, the side window  became a place to put on puppet shows. It became a place where Jenson and Evie mocked a shopping haul they had seen me film earlier that morning! It has even encouraged them to write shopping lists, which, they some how managed to get me to agree to letting them write the shopping list when we next go shopping!

When playtime has finished and the shop is closed the pop up tent comes with a storage bag for easy storage (although ours hasn't come down yet this week!) and its lightweight too which means they can take it along to their next play date or sleep over at the cousins house! 

We were sent this toy for review purposes as we are part of the #ChadValleyPlay Panel.