Zeek Review | Buy and Sell Gift Cards

When Zeek, a website and app where you can save money with discounted gift vouchers and make money from gift vouchers that you will never use, asked me if we would like to review the service and their app I was pretty curious, and thought it sounded like a great way to save money on an upcoming purchase.

From Argos to iTunes and Pizza Express to Starbucks, there are vouchers for all of your favourite stores, both high street and online, and food places, so if you know what you are looking for you head over to the website or the app and simply search for what you are looking for. You can even buy vouchers for grocery stores, and whilst Tesco vouchers only get around 1% discount you can get Iceland vouchers with up to 4% discount so it is worth a look if you want to save on your everyday buys. You can even buy vouchers for Spa days with up to 30% discount and if you are heading to Build a Bear check out the Zeek app and you could get up to 25% off. Of course these offers may change from the time of writing this review (April 2017) as it depends on what people are selling!

Once you have chosen and paid for you vouchers electronic vouchers are delivered immediately, and physical vouchers are posted out to you.

Whats more, Zeek uses several verification procedures to ensure that the vouchers listed are legitimate, and all of your details are kept secure throughout the process.

Saving Money With Zeek, App Review.

Cooking With Kids. Carrot Shaped Crispy Cakes

Its been a while since we did some baking and shared the recipe, but with Easter just around the corner it would be rude not to share a fun Easter bake! We were going to make something similar to last years Caramel Egg Crispy Cakes but last minute...when I couldn't find our rectangle baking tray I changed my mind and decided that our round baking tin would be perfect to make some carrot shaped crispy cakes!

Four of My Favourite Places To Visit

Last week www.chill.ie/ sent me an e-book of must do road trips in Ireland, it got me thinking about my favourite places to visit. Whether it be a day trip or longer. All of the places come from holidays me and my family took when I was a child. They have that charm of childhood memories and as me and Dean have been talking about taking the monsters to places we visited as kids I thought I would put a mini list together and make it a bucket list of places we want to visit in the next couple of years.

Activity Time. Galaxy Chalk Pictures

This was a really fun activity that the mini monsters really enjoyed, there is something about chalk that means kids, or mine at least, just want to explore the effects that they can make. Smudged chalk is great for making a galaxy effect on black paper.

Creating An Inspirational and Lasting First Impression

How many times have you walked into some where, lets say a reception area somewhere, maybe a doctors, maybe the dentists and made an impression on the spot. A few years ago Ellie had an appointment and the reception area wasn't the best. Where there could have been comfortable and impressive office reception furniture, there were tatty chairs, ripped posters, and regimental and tired looking furniture. She immedietly got aggy, her, and my first impression wasn't great, she was nervous as it was and this area was supposed to be the place to settle her nerves.

As we sat waiting, we was fully expecting to walk into Miss Trunchballs office, when in fact  the actual room we were invited into was bright, clean, cosy and comfy. A complete contrast to what had met us previously. The staff we spoke with completely lovely. But that first impression? That is what she remembers mostly.

I am currently in the process of bringing together a small home office area, primarily for myself, to inspire me to get my blogging mojo back. You probably have this image of bloggers sat in a trendy home office right? Well, I currently sit on my living room floor at the coffee table, and its not the most inspiring space to be creative!

What has this got to do with anything I started this blog post talking about you may ask? 

We want an area that we walk into and want to stay, as this area will be used by Ellie as a study area too, I need an area that looks great, that creates a lasting impression, and one that we will look at and be inspired to sit at, somewhere that makes me feel like a mum boss, somewhere I can create, somewhere I can be the blogger I know I can be! And somewhere that Ellie is inspired to be her best.

We have decided that we want white gloss, we want copper, and we want inspiring quotes to greet us when we walk into the room.

Finding furniture we both love and can afford (that girl ahs expensive taste!) is proving difficult but here ere are a few of the things we have found that we both love, including this chair from furniture at work, ikea desk. Mug and prints from etsy (which are both on order as we speak!) and the wall organiser, meant for a kitchen but shhh!, from Red Candy is sat in my bedroom waiting to be put up (review coming soon).

Come back soon to find out how we decorated our inspiring study area.

This is a collaborative post.

Five Busy Mum Beauty Tips

So back in January I promised myself I would take more time out for me, that I would make more of an effort, if not for me then or my poor husband who is probably sick of looking at my unbrushed mane and eye bags! But fast forward to April and here I am sat here typing with an unbrushed mum bun, and stained t-shirt (please tell me you are sat there reading this in exactly the same state!) So when Ellisons, experts in beauty, sent me through an e-book containing beauty tips, information about the right health foods to eat and how to look after your hair I thought I would share a few of the tips here for you...

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Activity Time. See It, Say It, Spell It with Glow In The Dark Stars

My little guys love to spell and sound out words, if it includes letters then its always an activity that is going to get lots of use from my mini monsters. Especially Evie, she loves anything to do with sounding words out and spelling.

5 Gadgets To Make Live Easier For An Older Loved One

Independence, the one thing I think,  I'm sure you will agree, is one of the things that are most important to us. But also one that we probably take for granted the majority of the time.  Unfortunately though for some as they get older and head into the later years of live some have to fight to remain independent. For those who care for an older loved there are lots of gadgets out there to help their loved ones keep some independence. I've found 5 gadgets that will help older loved ones keep their independence in some of day to days most important situations.

Activity Time. Galaxy Sensory Bin

My mini monsters love a sensory bin and with our theme of space this fortnight I thought a galaxy space bin would be an awesome idea! I had never tried to colour rice before but thanks to the help of Clare and Emma I gave it a go and it came out amazing!

This post contains some Amazon Affiliate Links (I searched so you don't have too!)

Chad Valley Favourites! #ChadValleyPlayPanel

Back in October I announced we were part of the Chad Valley Play Panel, as our stint comes to an end I thought I would share some of our favourite toys from the last few months...

15 Awesome Dinosaur Play Ideas For Kids

I've decided its time to pull my finger  out, I used to do so many activities with Evie and Jenson and poor little Elsie has always been the one 'left behind' So last week I  planned some simple, quick and easy dinosaur themed activities because right now she loves herself a dinosaur or two! I thought I would share some of the activities that have kept us busy.

We have a small set of shelves that contain toys that Elsie (and the other monsters) can just grab and play with when they like and then I try and plan at least an extra activity a day, usually something that cant be left out, messy play, paint etc. So the last week on our 'learning shelves' I put dinosaur small world toys, wooden 'tree' blocks, stones, dinosaur themed jigsaws, puzzles, 'D' and 'd' stampers and ink pads, printables, dinosaur theme counting peg boards, dinosaur stickers and a variety of pens and papers.

Dinosaur Play Ideas

Easter Popcorn Mix

Its no secret that my kids love a themed popcorn mix they love me to make them for all occasions and as movie nights are our favourite way to spend time as a family, let me tell you, I have made many a mix! Some end up on Instagram, some just get eaten, and some end up here on the blog. The monsters have been bugging me for an Easter mix since they spotted Hop on Netflix (or similar!) a few weeks ago and this weekend they finally got there wish, an Easter popcorn mix perfect for an Easter themed movie night!

Contains Amazon Affliate Links. I've searched Amazon so you don't have to!

Precious Family Time with Jord Wooden Watches

Time. Precious Time. Family Time. Time that seems so limited, time that seems to fly by so fast. Time that we waste. We all do, not purposely, of course, but we do.  Hours wasted in front of a computer, days wasted doing, basically, not a lot. This week Dean decided to take a couple of days off work. The bigger kids at school just me, Dean and Elsie for 2 whole mornings. A rarity and something we didn't want to waste. We took ourselves of on a little adventure, making sure we had our camera to remember the little things and Deans unique watch to ensure we were home in time for pre-school!

Activity Time. Dinosaur Inspired Letter Formation Station

I have already spoken about how Elsie is obsessed with letters and as she always has a pen and paper in her hand I thought it was time to add a little letter formation into the mix. This little writing station went down really well, she was forming 'd's' in just a few tries and has since become more and more fascinated with letters which has ended up in letter hunts around the house. And us playing lots more sound and letter games too! Keep a look out for more ideas for play if your child loves letters and sounds too!

Activity Time. Dino Word Hunt (& Free Word Printable)

As you know (or at least may have gathered!) we have been focusing our activities on dinosaurs this last couple of weeks, I have been trying to find activities for Jenson too, which is way out of my comfort zone. I am, by 'trade', a nursery nurse, a preschool teacher, and so I wont lie, I find it really hard to come up with activities that will focus Jenson and encourage a little bit of learning. At 5 years old he is obsessed with words, all we hear is 'how do you spell ___' or 'I can spell ___'! So I wanted a fun spelling game for him, we had lots of rice left over from a mark making tray and it came in very handy for a word hunt in a sensory bag.

This post contains some affiliate links.

Activity Time. Post It Note Letter Hunt

Elsie is currently obsessed with letters and sounds! We have to stop at every sign we pass so she can tell me which letters she knows! We played this letter hunt together activity together whilst we were having our dinosaur week and she hunted around the house for other D words and stuck post it notes to everything she could find...

Sands Alive Cake Shop Review

Just before half term I received an email asking if we would like to review the new John Adams Sands Alive Cake Shop set, knowing how much the kids LOVE Sands Alive I said yes and we waited for our package to arrive. Every time the postman came up the path, the mini monsters got excited! Would today be the day? Eventually the day came and they were so excited, they couldn't bare to wait!  And whilst a rainy half term day they grabbed their dolls and teddies and prepared a teddy bears birthday picnic....

Thinking Ahead and Preparing For Hay Fever Season

As we fastly head into spring I have one thing on my mind (well two if we count getting the washing on the line!), hayfever hits me bad twice a year, once around mid April to May and then again in October, it goes on for around 3 weeks, starting with a mild sneeze, and climaxing in sinusitis, before it disappears as quickly as it appeared! This is a relatively new thing for me and has only affected me for the last few years.  I you are reading this I am assuming you suffer badly too, so what can we do to prevent the symptoms before they get too bad?

Family Meal Plan #21

This week I am opening up my meal plan board on Pinterest, I would love for you to be a contributor too! Just make sure you follow me on Pinterest then drop me an email and I can add you to as a contributor and you can add your own meal plans to the board for over 600 followers to see.

Not a blogger? Follow the pin board for weekly updates.

All information is at the bottom off this post.


coming soon... Slow Cooker Cowboy Pie, Sweet Potato and Lentil Curry

Become a member of our Meal Planning board on Pinterest, email me at oneluckymummy2013@gmail.com to become a contributor and share your meal plans with over 600 followers!

Activity Time. Craft Stick and Blo Pen Process Art

Process Art is one of my favourite things to do with the monsters,  there is something about watching children take the time to see how things work, what they can do with given materials, whilst they make their own decision's and be creative in their own unique way. I grabbed the blo pens and craft sticks and left them out. They asked what we were making, I replied 'make what you like'....

Contains Amazon Affiliate Links.

10 Must Have Books For Kids.

Books are one of our most favourite thing, we have hundreds of books, they fill every spare space, from the storage pouffe in the lounge, to the book shelves and boxes in the bedrooms. There are books in the car, books in back packs...literally books everywhere! The Works is a great place to buy crafty bits, stationery supplies and, of course, books! I thought I would share 10 of our favourite books that I think are must haves for a children's book shelf! (All of the following books are available at The Works and all other good book stores)

Family Meal Plan #20

I have an admission to make...I fell of the meal planning wagon! We have eaten far to many takeaways and ready meals this last couple of weeks so I need to rein it in and start meal planning again! So here goes, back on the meal plan and making sure we stick to it! I'll making an oath now that I will share our meal photos on Instagram next Monday (using the new multi photo feature!) so here goes...

What is on your meal plan this week?

Chad Valley Wooden Curved Kitchen Review #ChadValleyPlayPanel

One thing that has been on the monsters Christmas and birthday lists for a year or so is a play kitchen so you can imagine their happy little faces when Chad Valley kindly sent us the Curved Wooden Kitchen to review.

Homemade Mothers Day Gift Ideas. Thumbprint Family Portrait

A few days ago Ellie came up with the cutest idea, she had seen my Mothers Day wishlist and decided to make me some family art that the whole family could be a part of. A piece of art that was totally unique to our family, that no other family would ever have the same thing... 

Ways To Save Money In 2017

As we near the end of February I think it is fair to say that those New Year Resolutions we set ourselves are but a distant thought, the aim to save all that money in that jar looks like a few copper coins in the bottom of a dish, the meal planner has had the same meals on it for 6 weeks and you have been to the gym all of once, and that was the induction...and on the way home you grabbed a takeaway...and right now your bank balance is looking very sad. So how can we get back on track and start saving the pounds? I thought I would share some of my top tips...

Chad Valley Pop Up Shop Review #ChadValleyPlayPanel

We recently received our final package as part of the Chad Valley Play Panel, we received lots of lovely things but the one that has gotten the most play this half term was the Chad Valley Pop Up Shop Play Tent  (its really been a savior for the mot boring half term ever!!)

Mothers Day Wish List

Mothers Day is just around the corner so it has got me thinking about gifts I would like to receive, now don't get me wrong I would be happy with a piece of A4 paper folded in half with the kids scribble art work on the front, and a home made cup cake. But I mean, online shopping is a guilty pleasure of mine so here is a little wish list with some gifts I think are perfect for Mothers Day...

Recipe. Valentines Inspired Popcorn Mix

Valentines and date nights go hand in hand right? If your Valentines is anything like mine it will probably involve a movie (that probably isn't in the slightest romantic!)  this popcorn mix is the perfect accompaniment, whether your movie night is a couple only affair or even if the whole family is involved!

5 Ideas For...Family Valentines Movies

Valentine's Day, you either love it or hate it! I, my friends am a lover! I can not get enough of red hearts, chocolates, cupids and Valentines tat that I don't really need! I have always celebrated it with the kids too, before I get jumped on by the Valentines haters, we don't go crazy and they don't get gifts but we sit together and make cards and we show our appreciation for the ones we love, although to be fair, Evie and Jenson make millions of 'cards' for us every day and Ellie is always drawing special pictures for me. This year we will celebrate with a family movie night with popcorn and snacks, here are the movie's that have made the short list...

Recipe. Valentines Tortilla Chips

I do love a good excuse to get all soppy and have a date night at home! So with Valentines around the corner I have been thinking about what I can make for next weeks Valentines Day. I came up with these yummy Valentines inspired tortilla chips.  Love heart shaped and a perfect starter for an at home Valentines meal, failing that the perfect snack for kids! (Who, may I add loved these and gobbled them up faster than I could make them!)

Family Meal Plan #19

This week is a 'meal plan on a mini disaster' week! The freezer isn't freezing stuff at the front/bottom shelves soooo I need to empty it to defrost the whole bl*ody thing! So this weeks meal plan is a little different and I have planned for lunch as well (lunch usually consists of sandwiches, toast, you know the simple lunches that are easy to but together). I just don't want to throw food away when it can be used, so below are 2 meal plans, lunch and tea.

There would normally be a grocery haul on our YouTube channel this week but as I will be using most of the freezer stuff I wont be uploading a haul this week. I will probably film a week of lunch ideas for a 3 year old though as I will be making different things this week!

Call The Midwife, Big Scarves and Weekly Vlogs #LittleLoves

You know last week I said how these posts have mad me more appreciative? My mood has been so much better this week! I have more patience with  the monsters, I feel like my anxiety hasn't been quite so bad this week, I mean it hasn't disappeared, but I feel like focusing on the good is definitely helping matters!

I haven't actually read anything this week, no blogs, no books, no magazines. The most I have read is celebrity gossip!  But, my friends, let me tell you...I ruddy love some celeb gossip! My obsessions this week, the Pete and Megan (TOWIE) fall out...WHAT WAS IT ALL OVER!!! Scotty T being Steph Davies baby dad...which can I add...Steph Davies, I am obsessed with the gossip. Should I be? NOPE! Do I actually really care? Nope! But its most definitely my guilty pleasure!

This week, I have been loving Eastenders! Have you been watching? I mean what IS Max's game?!?! Also this week, I have started watching Call The Midwife, I noticed it on Netflix, and clicked...I am officially OBSESSED!

What have I heard this week? Other than the Trolls soundtrack on repeat (my kids are obsessed and we haven't even seen the film!) I have heard this Loving Caliber track all over YouTube lately. I ruddy love it!

This week has been oh so cold! Like sooooo cold! Living on the east coast there is always the sea breeze making it feel cooler than it is, and over the last few days the Google weather app has set that the temperature is 1c but feeling -6c. I will let you take that in...3 school runs a day in -6 temperatures, therefore my savior this week has been big scarves!

I have spent my week putting together a week in the life vlog for our YouTube channel, I recently downloaded Wondershare software, and let me tell you...it has been life changing! So much easier to use than what I had been using in the past! 

**Sound the proud Mummy moment claxon** This week Jenson was awarded the Wow Of The Week in his class for being 'a good team leader', I wont lie...I cried in his celebration assembly! Also this week Ellie bought home a certificate or 100% attendance since starting at high school and she has also bagged the part of the March Hare in the class Alice In Wonderland production! How exciting!!!!!!!!

Living Arrows 04/52

This week for my living arrows post I wanted to share some photo's from our lazy Sunday, playing games on the XBox, copying YouTube make up tutorials, and the smallest girls playing Mummys and babies!  This post should have gone live mid week but hey..I am only human and its taken me ages to get around to it! This Sunday we are planning an adventure, I can't wait to hare our photo's!

What are your favourite ways to enjoy Sundays? Slow and steady or adventure all the way? Whatever you do this week enjoy your weekend guys!

Living Arrows

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