Thinking About A Kitchen Makeover

Our current kitchen is, well you know, it's a kitchen, it isn't anything special. But I want to make it special, we have lived here now for almost 6 years and I think its time to put our stamp on the place, now as we rent any major works are kind of out of the question, but with the right item's we can turn it into something we love!

Make It. DIY Felt Fishing Game.

The last Bank Holiday of the year is near (well if we don't count Christmas!) and well, lets face it here in the UK we know that that means just one is gonna rain! I mean, come on, if rain is guaranteed at any time during the year it is always gonna be a Bank Holiday or Glastonbury weekend! So here is a quick and easy DIY fishing game that is so easy to make and is guaranteed to keep little ones busy on a rainy day.

Dream Cruise Destinations

In the midst of Summer and all over Instagram I keep seeing these lucky bloggers on their cruises. Not gonna lie I am more than a little bit jealous and I am not the only one me and my blogging bestie got talking about our cruise envy and realised we should totally become cruise buddies! But where would we go? Where would we visit! Which cruise could we choose? I headed over to Planet Cruise to have a looksy at what I could find....

Petit Bateau New Season Picks For All The Family

When I think Petit Bateau I think baby and young children, but would you be as surprised as me to know that actually, they cater for the whole family? From new baby to Mum and Dad there is something for everyone! It has been a while since I did a wishlist so thought I would share our top picks for my mini monsters from the new Autumn/Winter collection.

Review. Minnie Mouse Fashion Doll

Hands up who loves Minnie Mouse? I am yet to meet anybody who doesn't love Minnie and her bestest bud Mickey! So Imagine the mini monsters delight when they received one of the brand new Minnie Mouse Fashion Dolls from IMC toys.

Make It. DIY Pocket Tote Bag (Multiuse School and Beach)

Ellie has been looking around or a bag she can use for school and for every day but she hasn't really found one that is compact and easy to carry around with her. So she decided to make her own with a mini tote bag and some fabric scraps. It's a great multi-use bag, pockets for note pad on school days that are perfect for flip flop on a beach day! Mid week it holds her school planner, at the weekend her fave magazine and her mp3 player...

Review. SelfieMic by Worlds Apart

Just before the start of summer Ellie was sent the SelfieMic by Worlds Apart. Unfortunately due to school commitments, illness and then her visiting her Dad we have only just gotten around to trying it out! But wow it was worth the wait and Ellie loves it!

Activity Time. Under The Sea Tissue Painting Canvas Wall Art

We love tissue paper painting it is one of our most favourite go to rainy day painting activities. So when I heard about the EmmaOwl Paint-a-Thon 2016, I knew I just had to share our most favourite way to paint!

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Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

I am a big believer that one of the best ways to prevent fussy eaters is to let them help make the choices, I find this a great idea for lunchtimes when you can say 'you choose one lunchbox filler, I chose a lunchbox filler'  and as we are in the last few weeks of summer it will soon be back to the morning mayhem of packing lunchboxes and I am attempting to get our little monsters to make healthier choices when it comes to choosing what they want to fill their packed lunch with.

We have been trying a few new lunchbox swap ideas at lunchtimes, and I thought I would share them with you, along with some of the monsters lunchbox favourites.

Make It. DIY Stackable Stationery Pots #BostikBloggers

I have an admission to make...our craft shelf is a mess a real diabolical MESS. It needs a little bit of organisation and I have been trying to think of fun DIY's that cost little money. Then one day after shopping and whilst I was in the kitchen unpacking our tins of beans and tomatoes the idea for a stackable stationery console hit me. It's something that can be added too easily when needs be, a great space saver as it stacks upwards and will look great on a desk too...

Capturing Shared Moments with Cadburys Dairy Milk Buttons Memory Lane

I was recently asked by Channel Mum and Cadburys Dairy Milk Buttons to share with my readers and YouTube viewers 3 special shared, everyday moments with my mini monsters. It's easy to reminisce over the birthday parties, the Christmas shows and the first days of school, as these are most likely the photos we print out and frame, they are the photos we share with family members, but what about the ordinary special moments that we don't want to forget? To make it easier to share these moments with family Cadburys Dairy Milk Buttons have developed a fun and easy to use online tool, Memory Lane.

The new Memory Lane tools bring's your photos to life using amazing 360 technology to create your very own personalised video. And it couldn't be easier to use! Head over to and select your favourite photos (you can chose up to 7) to be made into your very own personalised video. The awesome 360 technology makes you feel just like you are walking down an old fashioned lane with your family photos on posters and billboards. 

Watch our little video below to find out my favourite 3 special moments and see a little of our trip down Memory Lane...

I really loved creating this and I’m so pleased with my Memory Lane. I'd love to see your Memory Lane and so would Cadbury. Create YOUR own personal Memory Lane by visiting and share using the hashtag #ButtonsMemoryLane and tag @channelmum on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook for your chance to WIN one of 5 state of the art video cameras and a box of Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons! 

The competition closes at midnight on Friday 30th September 2016. 

This video was sponsored by Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons but all views and opinions expressed in this video are my own and I only ever work with brands I truly love.

Cooking with Kids. Surprise Mallow Cones for Kids Make and Bake Club

One thing my monsters are really missing during the summer holidays is the surprise trips to the bakery after school, when they would feast their eyes over the delights of cakes, biscuits and pastries, before making a choice,then change their mind...then make another choice...then change their minds before ultimately settling for a mallow cone! We have tried the supermarket versions many a time and well they just don't cut it! And as the monsters have all been poorly with chicken pox and whatever else they could conjure up a trip to the bakery was out of the question, so we decided to try and make our own!

Recipe. Easy Cheesy Garlic Bread Fingers

One thing my monsters love is garlic bread, literally every meal time at least one will ask 'are we having garlic bread?' so today at lunch time when I reheated some bolognese from the freezer I knew the question was coming! I decided to try this recipe out (if you can call it a recipe)

Review. MyStyle Wire Craft Rings

A few weeks ago we were sent the MyStyle Wire Craft Rings to have a play with and, I'm going to be honest, regular readers will know I went AWOL for a while, and if you follow my Instagram you will know that for the last 6 weeks we have all been ill, what started off as colds and sickness bugs has descended into chicken pox and conjunctivitis. And of course it couldn't all happen together, oh no, instead it was one after the other resulting in me being more than a tired Mumma, I was physically exhausted and blogging, reviews, videos suffered and they came to a halt. Anyways back to the review...

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