Chad Valley Babies to Love Lily Interactive Doll Review

If I have said it once I have said it a million times! My girls LOVE dolls! So when Chad Valley sent us the Lily Interactive Doll (RRP £24.99) I just knew they would love it when they saw it, and the fact that she has 10 different interactive features would just blow there minds!

Lily, renamed quite simply as Baby, was quickly unboxed, luckily the packaging was really easy to get into, because as I had anticipated the girls were desperate to get to the doll inside! She comes in a pretty pink outfit, dummy and a bottle for feeding, which when it is in her mouth you can hear her enjoying her drink, then when you sit her up and pat her back she will burp.

Hold her hands and she will chatter, tickle her feet will make her laugh, and when she's rocked to sleep, she'll start to snooze and make a snoring sound (bare in mind her snore sounds a little like Darth Vader, thanks to Jenson for pointing that out its now all I can hear when she is played with!!)

Lily (or Baby) was promptly adopted by Elsie (Evie, didn't seem fussed on this occasion...luckily, its not like it is the only doll we have!) and been everywhere with Elsie, she has set up a baby bed next to her own bed, she comes walks to the shop, out to the park, school runs, you name it Lily has been, she gets out a lot for a toy! It helps that her body is lightweight and soft so makes it easier for Elsie to hold. Its been well over a month since we received Lily and Elsie has literally not left her alone, I just hope she is as loved after Christmas when new toys arrive!

The Chad Valley Lily Interactive Doll would make a great gift for any doll loving child. And priced at just £24.99 is a lot lower priced than a lot of the other interactive dolls on the market.

Disclaimer: We were sent this toy as part of the Chad Valley Play Panel, all images, thoughts and opinions are our own. Find out more about the play panel by clicking the image link in my sidebar.