Taking Little Steps Towards A #brightFuture

Did you know that after the birth of their  first child  83% of British parents,  wanted to change some aspect of their life for the better. And that 9 out of 10 parents and 8 out of 10 children agree that if everyone does small things to improve the environment, “together we can make the world a better place”. Today I am teaming up with BritMums and Unilever to talk to you about the little steps we take to create  better environment for our future.

This was actually more difficult than I thought, as these things are all second habit to the family now. So I sat and I thought...what are the things I used to moan about...what are the things that mattered enough for me to go on and on an on about. Mainly these things focus on saving water and reducing our electricity usage.

It may not seem like we are doing a lot but reducing the amount of water that goes to waste at home helps go towards protect wildlife that lives in rivers and wetlands, while cutting the energy needed for treating and pumping water for domestic use. *excerpt taken from http://www.waterwise.org.uk/pages/why-we-need-to-save-water.htmlSaving electricity reduces energy costs, and it also reduces how much carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. Energy efficiency is widely hailed as a key component of slowing global warming. *excerpt taken from https://www.reference.com/science/important-save-electricity-c47863e754111801*

1. Showers instead of baths. 

We use less water by taking showers instead of baths. We also try and shower the smaller monsters at the same time. 

2. Laundry on a lower temperature, and quicker wash and always a full machine. 

Most of our washing goes on a 30 minute low temperature (I think its 30c) wash, saving both  water and electricity.

3. Taps off when brushing teeth.

Taps off when brushing teeth, this sounds like such an easy one to implement, but let me tell you its harder than it sounds. Breaking a 20+ year habit is a tough cookie, which is why I moan and moan at the kids when they leave it on despite the cries of ''well you don't Mummy''...remember that saying from your childhood, Do as I say not as I do?...you know the one you promised your parents you would never ever use!

4. Turning lights off. 

As my Dad used to say ''Its ______(replace blank with address) not Blackpool illuminations!'' I think this is why I have a huge detest of lights being left on in rooms no one is in!

These are just a few of the many things we can do to help towards a brighter future for our children, along with buying products from the Unilver brand. Unilever’s brightFuture initiative focuses on small changes that can make big differences and how we can build a world where everyone lives well and lives sustainably. Since the launch of the Sustainable Living Plan, Unilever has helped 482 million people to improve their health and hygiene, including through hand washing, improving self-esteem and oral hygiene.

By buying everyday Unilever products you are enabling them to continue the good work they do. Like, the work undertaken by Domestos that has committed to helping 25 million people gain improved access to a toilet by 2020.   Persil has backed a global initiative ‘Learning for Tomorrow’ partnering with UNICEF to help give children in some of the world’s toughest areas the opportunity of a quality education. And, finally one that is more relevent to our children now more than ever before,  the Dove Self-Esteem Project has worked closely with leading psychologists, academics and experts to create materials and resources that help young people develop a positive relationship with their appearance. The project has now reached over 19 million young lives.

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. What Little steps are you taking towards a #brightFuture?

This post is an entry for BritMums #brightFuture Challenge, sponsored by Unilever

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  1. Great post. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part


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