Fun Time Friday. Mermaid Activity Ideas For Kids.

Back to school for the monsters has brought with it a return of my love for at home activities. I based this week on Elsie's new found love of mermaids! I sat and planned daily activities for my mini monster and also some after school activities for the return of our afterschool mat. Here are some of the activities we enjoyed over the week.

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Our Learning Shelves.

We have 2 sets of shelves (that don't match!) that I fill with small activities for the monsters to grab during the day.  On the small black shelves I tend to add jigsaws and toys that fit around our 'theme'. This week we had an under the sea wooden lift out puzzle, a fish mosaic puzzle, a playdough creation station and some under the sea small world figures.


Toys to try...


On the second book shelf I usually put books that revolve around our theme, and more educational and skill based activities. 

Letter M ink and stamps, mermaid colour matching, counting peg boards free printable from Miniature Masterminds (see below for link), cutting skills tray.

On the bottom shelf I tend to put paper, stickers, printable colouring sheets etc. This week we have had under the sea stickers, a variety of papers, pens, pencils, and printables from Twinkl.  

Activity Ideas.

                   Letter and word formation                            Sands Alive and small world mermaids and fish

                    Letter M ink and stamps                                   Counting Cards and pegs (free printable                                                                                                                 from Miniature Masterminds)

Mermaid tails play dough creation station (blog post coming soon)

Marbled shaving foam prints (blog post coming soon)

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  1. looks like you have all had a very busy week! the photos look fab !

  2. some great ideas there - love how organised you are! Super mummy!

  3. I brought Georgia some mermaids last month these activities will be perfect for her I love the blue water beads sensory bin.


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