Make It. DIY Pocket Tote Bag (Multiuse School and Beach)

Ellie has been looking around or a bag she can use for school and for every day but she hasn't really found one that is compact and easy to carry around with her. So she decided to make her own with a mini tote bag and some fabric scraps. It's a great multi-use bag, pockets for note pad on school days that are perfect for flip flop on a beach day! Mid week it holds her school planner, at the weekend her fave magazine and her mp3 player...

You Need: 
White cotton/canvas Tote Bag
2 Small fabric scrap (1 just a little smaller than the size of your tote bag, 1 half the size of the larger piece)
Fabric Glue 

This was so easy Ellie didn't need any help, she decided where she wanted the pockets to be and simply glued them to her bag, she did pop a piece of card inside the bag to ensure the bag didn't stick together!

Once she had waited for them to dry she filled it with her bits and bobs ready for a beach day the next day. Then for weekdays she has filled it with her school bits when she doesn't need to be taking a huge backpack with her.


  1. That's so cute! I was thinking of making something similar but more of a wall hanging for various things!

  2. What a great idea! I cannot sew at all so this is perfect for me! Kaz x

  3. This is amazing and I love how it has something for everything x


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