Spring Bucket List

I know this kind of feels a little late in the day as we are fastly heading into the middle of May and it feels like summer will soon be upon us, yet at the same time it kind of feels like, well, spring hasn't even begun after a pretty dismal April full of rain and even some snow! But anyhow we finally got around to writing our spring family bucket list! Here is what we have decided we want to do this spring...

What is on your family bucket list this spring? I have tried to keep ours fun but still with things I know we can do. A lot of our bucket lists we put stuff on that never ever gets done. Hello...veggie patch which still doesn't exist despite been on our spring AND summer bucket lists for 2 years! I am really looking forward to surprising the monsters by picking them up from school with a picnic basket (and hopefully a Daddy who has finished work early!) and taking ourselves off to a secret quiet part of the beach and enjoying a picnic and some beach games! 

I know the monsters have wanted to find somewhere new to explore for a long time, we love walking around Snipe Dales but we would love to find somewhere else in Lincolnshire or nearby to explore too! 

Our toughest challenge, I think, is finding a penpal. I'm not quite sure where to start. I mean, are children's pen pals still a thing? Or are they a thing of the past? I really need to start researching! 

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