Looking After A Baby (Annabell). A Preschoolers Guide | Review

This post is a little late coming. You see, when Zapf sent us Baby Annabell to review, I didn't realise how much the girls would love her...

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It was a little like the instant love us Mama's feel for our own baby's, you know that rush of love when your baby is placed in your arms just after birth? I kinda think that's how they felt when we opened up the package and they saw Annabell laid in her box! I usually make the monsters wait for some photos to be taken first before they are allowed to play but on this occasion...with THAT look in their eyes. I couldn't do it and together we tore into the box to deliver Annabell to the world.*

*note: We didn't tear into the box...is was just as stressful as real life birth. A lot of sweat and tears went into getting Annabel out..so please dear Zapf for the sanity of parents everywhere please make the box more user-friendly! Please, you must remember your doll is aimed at those threenagers, who, let's face it will blow at any mention of that little thing we call patience!

Luckily getting Annabell's battery's in was a whole lot easier than getting  her out of the box and so soon enough we had a doll we could play with. 

So what does it take to look after Baby Annabell

1. Play (of course!) 

Baby Annabel loves to play and will giggle and babble her way through your play. Evie has found that she loves to play peek-a-boo. Whereas Elsie...Elsie likes to drag her around by her arm and well strangely Baby Annabell sometimes likes that too! 

2. Comfort and love.

Every now and then, Baby Annabell decides that actually peek-a-boo and being dragged around isn't actually the greatest thing after all and she will cry, sometimes she will cry real tears, but we have only seen these once unfortunatly. She is easily comforted with a cuddle and a tap at the bottom of her back and if this doesn't work she has a dummy (included in the box) that she will happily suck on. The monsters were amazed when they saw Annabell's mouth moving...it was like magic and they watched in awe. If the dummy doesn't work she may want feeding...

3. Feeding.

Baby Annabel also comes with her own bottle, although she is a little fussy and only likes water, that she will suck on, and drink the bottle until it is empty! But you must remember to burp her else she will just keep crying. Pop her over your shoulder and tap the bottom of her back. She will let out a little burp and is magically happy again!  

4. Sleep.

With Baby Annabell there are 2 kinds of sleep (bare with me here reader!) there is the sleep that happens when children play with her, just lay her down and given her the dummy and she will magically fall asleep, and wake up as soon as you try to move her. And then there is the sleep that happens when a grown-up gets her to sleep...and she will sleep until a grown up wakes her up! (AKA...Turns her off and back on again!) 

5. Fresh Air.

Baby Annabell loves to go out for walks. Clip her into her pram (available separately) for instant fun! We found our Baby Annabell Stroller in the charity shop for just £2! 

6. Clothes.

Baby Annabel has a wardrobe collection that any InstaBaby-Fashionista would be jealous off! From the Deluxe Layette to the Knit Collection, there is something for every occasion! (also for the more budget conscious we have found that Primark Newborn fit Annabell a treat!)

Disclaimer: We were sent Baby Annabell by Zapf Creations for review purposes, all words are our own. You can find Baby Annabell in all good toy stores and online prices seem to vary from £34.99 upwards.