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If you follow me on Instagram you have seen our afterschool mats before. I get lots of questions on my photos, asking what they are so here goes...

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The afterschool mat was an idea that my lovely blogging friend Leandra at LarabeeUK started around a year ago. I loved the idea of having something ready and waiting for the monsters when we got home. It enables me to get into the kitchen and get tea sorted whilst they are busy with a choice of activities, and a snack that I have set up for them. But also includes something that 'needs' me so that they feel like they are getting some mummy time too! 

Generally our after school mats consist of

- snack and a drink
- a quick craft OR a quick baking activity, generally something that needs my supervision and input. (AL)
- a book or a YouTube video to watch/read whilst they have a snack. 
- a table/floor activity that doesn't need me. (CL)

Heres a peek at some of our past after school mats, maybe they will give you some ideas to start your own? If you do pop a photo onto Instagram and use the #afterschoolmat hashtag so I can see them too! 

Our Hungry Caterpillar inspired after school mat included our Very Hungry Caterpillar Creation Station (AL), The Very Hungry Caterpillar board book, loom bands and boards (CL) and a snack of rice cakes and bread sticks.

This one was knocked up quickly after a day when I hadn't been at home all day so is a little random! We did some cooking and made filled mushrooms (AL), Peppa Pig Tiny Creatures book, Angry Birds game (CL) and for snack we had blueberry cakes that the girls had made at cooking class.

For this mat we explored colours. I think it was during our rainbow week. We read the book Red Car Blue Car, drew rainbows and played loom bands, We also had jam filled mini croaissants. 

Another mat from our rainbow week and we made coconut rainbow biscuits (AL), read Colours Colours Everywhere, made tear and stick rainbows (CL) and snacked on cheesey potato chips!

For St Patricks Day we explored all things green! I made a sensory bin (which included a hidden snack!) and we explored all of our green crayons and pens. We also watched St Patricks Day stories on YouTube.

Come back next month and I will share some of our favourite afterschool mats from April. In the meantime why not check out the #afterchoolmat hashtag on Instagram and get even more inspiration to keep the kids busy during the witching hour!

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  1. this is such a good idea - mine aren't school age yet but something to think about in due course x


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