My Toddler Learns. February Activity Plan.

Last month went so well, Elsie really enjoyed the structure of planned activities and has been sleeping better too, whether this is a coincidence or not who knows! For February we are not focusing on anything particular, but will have the week loosely focus on something instead as I didn't feel Elsie got anything more from our activities last month just because they had a 'theme'!

Week 1.

Book: Thats Not My Monkey

Baking: Spring Rolls

Sensory box: Red and Gold sensory bin

Creation Station: Chinese Lanterns

Messy Play: Chinese New Year Process Art

Screen Time: Chinese New Year festivals/parades etc on You Tube

Week 2.

Book: Guess How Much I love You

Baking: Love heart biscuits

Sensory box: Valentines Sensory Bin

Creation Station: Valentines hearts

Messy Play: Play dough and heart cutters

Week 3. (half term)

Book: Cat In the Hat

Baking: Cat In the Hat Jelly Snack

Sensory box: Red and white sensory bin

Creation Station: Cat In the Hat 'rhyming word' discovery bottles

Messy Play: red and white shaving foam

Screen Time: Cat In The Hat movie

Week 4.

Book: Colours Colours Everywhere

Baking: Rainbow iced biscuits

Sensory box: Rainbow sensory bin

Creation Station: Rainbow Shakers

Messy Play: Pom Pom Painting

Want to join in the fun? Use the #MyToddlerLearns hashtag on Instagram and share your fun learning activities this February. 


  1. Looks like a busy but fun time!

    1. Thanks Emma, I find it I make a plan like this then I have a focus, I think it stems from being a nursery nurse and planning! And the kids are so much better behaved when we have a structured play session!

  2. Looks like a fun month! Pom pom painting sounds interesting.. Ray x #toddlerapprovedtuesday

  3. This sounds fun - I really need to start doing some cooking with my daughter. Thanks for hosting. I am looking forward to joining in with this linky.


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