DIY Easter Bunny Milk Bottle's #BostikBloggers

I know right now everyone is thinking about Valentines Day but we have been thinking a little further ahead to Easter (which can I add is just 6 weekends away!) and as the kids love the seasonal drink bottles in the shops but as they can be quite expensive, the ones they have seen are £4 each, I thought I would make some of my own for them for half the price...

What you need:
Milk Bottles and drinking straws (£1.69 for 4, Home Bargains)
1 A4 sheet of white card
Washi Tape
Paper puncher (or scissors)
White wool
Bunny embellishments (89p for 8, Home Bargains)
Bostik Fast Tak Spray Glue (or basic super glue should do the trick)

Note: If you don't know how there are lots of tutorials for how to do this YouTube, 

Leave the glue to dry and then all you have to do is add a straw and fill with milk. Enjoy!

Why not try decorating with a pretty ribbon for a simpler decoration?

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