My Toddler Learns. January.

I really want to start doing activities with Elsie like I used to with Evie and Jenson.  I'm going to try monthly themes as inspiration...

This month our theme is WINTER. 

Week 1.

Book: 'That's Not My Snowman'

Baking: Melted Snowman Biscuits

Small World/Sensory box: Cotton Wool balls, fake snow, pom poms, felt snowflakes, small world people

Creation Station: Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?

Messy Play: Crushed ice painting

Screen Time: The Snowman

Week 2.

Book: Frozen Busy Book

Baking: Fruity Frozen Yoghurt Pops

Small World/sensory: Add blue items and Frozen figures to above sensory box

Creation Station: 

Messy Play: Frozen Slime

Screen Time: Frozen (of course!)

Week 3.

Book: Various penguin books and Penguin  Story Stones

Baking: Simple Penguin Oreo Pops

Small world/sensory: Add animals to sensory box

Creation Station: Cut and Stick Penguins 

Messy Play: Shaving Foam and animals

Screen Time: Happy Feet

Week 4.

Book: Selection of winter books

Baking: Cheerio Bird Feeders

Sensory: Winter Walk

Creation Station: Textured Process Art

Messy Play: Frozen Water Beads

Screen Time: Snowflake Films

Want to join in the fun? Use the #MyToddlerLearns hashtag on Instagram and share your winter fun activities this January. 

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