Blogging Goals 2016

So last year my blogging goals were pretty succesful! So I am hoping 2016 is just as great! This year I am setting a couple of monthly goals too. 

First up I thought I would recap last years goals...

1. Set up subscriber email/newsletter.
I set up a #ToddlerApprovedTuesday email so now I know what I am doing this is first on my list of thing to do for 2016.

2. Decrease bounce rate by at least 10%
I have no idea...mainly because I didn't actually write down any stats and expected myself to remember! This years goal? Keep track of my stats and keep a record.

3. Feature on Tots as a chosen 'Great Read'
This didn't happen, I didn't put any posts forward as a good read and to be honest my blog isn't that kind of blog so I will be scrapping this one for 2016.

4. Get into the top 500 Foodies board
YES! I actually made it to 114 in December, I may have had a little sob! This years plan is to stay in the top 250 and actually to try and post 2 recipes a week. A family recipe and a kid in the kitchen type recipe.

5. Get into top 500 Tots board
YES! I was ranked 161 in December. Again for 2016 I would be more than happy to stay top 250, well that's the aim anyways!

6. Gain an ambassador-ship for a great company!
No, 2015 was all about starting brand relationships. Which I intend to continue with through 2016.

7. Double the daily viewership of the blog
I actually tripled my blog views in 2015. 2016 I aim to hit over 20k views a month. 

8. Gain an understanding of Klout 

9. Gain an understanding of G+

10. Start using You Tube more
Yes! I have started regularly weekly uploads (OK I may have been a bit lax over Christmas!) This time last year I had 20 followers, today I have 283! I want that to double in 2016 as well as uploading twice a week.

11. Start a new monthly feature and collaborate with another blogger 
Yep! collaborations include the Kids Make and Bake Club and also the brand new #TheWeekThatWasLinky with Beth from Twinderelmo.

12. Double my Social Media followers 

This years blogging bucket list:

1. Set up subscriber newsletter. (January's goal)

2. Track and record all stats monthly. 

3. Keep hold top 250 Foodies and Tots badge's!

4. Post 2 recipes a week, family recipe and a kids in the kitchen recipe. 

5. Build on existing and make new brand relationships and get confident to email brands! They aren't going to come to me all the time!

6. Schedule, share, repeat! (be in a routine by February)

7. 2 uploads a week on the you tube channel. (By March)

8. Apply to be a Channel Mum! (???) This one I am umming and ahhing....I'm not sure I am good enough, but if you don't try you don't get...

9. Double my social media followers. 

10. Improve my photography, possibly enroll myself on an evening photography course?

11. Be a week ahead with posts written and scheduled, and maybe a month ahead with plans.

12. Start using Pinterest regularly. (By April)


  1. I think setting goals like this can help you stay focused and look at how you can improve your blog over the coming year. Good luck!

  2. Best of luck with this year's goals - they all seem fairly attainable! Here's to a fantastic 2016!

  3. What an awesome round up of goals - I really hope you manage to achieve them all. x

  4. Best of luck with your goals, I'm sure you can achieve them x

  5. Some great goals, I hope you can achieve them :)

  6. Good luck with all these goals. Happy new year.

  7. Good luck with your goals!! Hope you have a great year ahead! xx

  8. Getting to 114 on the Foodies 100/500 board is great, I'm stuck on about 200 something!

  9. Ha, I don't think I will ever understand G+ though I go get a few reads from there x

  10. Well done on all your achievements - I have just been reading about how a goal needs to be a specific one to aim for - and you have another great list for this year! I hope you achieve them all. Kaz x

  11. its great to have some goals set out and keep you focused. iv set some up myself and already working towards them


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