Snowy Sensory Tray

Our first activity of 2016 a super simple and easy winter sensory tray turned small world play tray.

You will need:
Silver roasting tray 
Snow confetti
Cotton wool balls
Polystyrene chips
Small world figures

Set up your sensory tray together so that your little monster can explore each aspect individually. Elsie enjoyed making snow fall with the confetti, Jenson showed her how the cotton balls could be snowballs. and Evie grabbed the pens to turn the poly chips into snowmen! And although I was trying to steer away from Christmas our Santa and Rudolph figures seem to have made their way into our wintery snow wonderland!

Why not try:
Adding item's like white pom poms, white felt, rice, white pony beads, clear water beads, glitter, small white baubles, clear glass beads, white feathers, snowflake table confetti, paper snowflakes, snowflake decorations, white beans, white buttons.

Have you made a winter sensory tray? Or do you have a wintery small world area? I would love to see them, check out the #MyToddlerLearns hashtag on Instagram and join the community.