12 Months Of Improvement.

So this year I have decided to focus on 1 thing a month, to hopefully get into a routine with it so that its easier to continue with them. (Thanks to Mrs Meldrum for the inspiration!)

January. Plan more activities with Elsie, attend more toddler groups.

February. Drink more water.

March. Be a better Mummy, attend ALL school events, and make time for the monsters individually at least once a month. 

April. Be a better wife, plan some date nights, for the remainder of the year, hell even a night away! And maybe show an interest in Deans interests.

May. Get into a daily routine with housework. 

June. De-clutter and stay uncluttered!

July. Be the best blogger I can be, I don't mean 'competing' with the big bloggers, I'm never going to be number 1 in tots (or top 100 for that matter!) BUT I can be the best I can be, and right now I a squeezing in tight schedules etc because I leave stuff very last minute! I don't schedule like I should either.

August. Skincare routine!

September. Enrol on a photography course.

October. Spend less and save money...Christmas soon!

November. Wardrobe overhaul. Ditch the leggings!

December. Become a volunteer, maybe charity? Maybe school?

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  1. What a great idea.. I may have to do this too. I try and do everything in January which is totally never gonna work! lol x

  2. I love this idea of focusing each month on something and improve that. I think it can easily achieved as there aren't lots and lots of things on a list. Fab!

  3. I need to drink more water I am terrible! Which is probably why I get so many headaches and fatigue!

  4. Some great ideas , I agree with you I too need to drink more water.

  5. These are some great goals! I love that you've done it by month - very different :) good luck with them all, I'm sure you can do it! Stephanie x

  6. Sounds like some great, attainable goals! Wishing you all the best for 2016 :)

  7. sounds like some great goals you have. i could never ditch the leggings, feels like wearing PJs all day! Jeans and running after my toddler is horible

  8. I like the idea of having something per month, much less stress x

  9. aw some great ideas and it makes me think I really should be making some improvements for myself

  10. I think that is such a great approach to focus on one thing each month. Too many people get so overwhelmed by setting too many goals.

  11. Love this post. It's great that you have staggered your goals rather than set them all off at once, they seem more realistic :)

  12. Good luck with your improvements, I'd love to improve a few of these too.

  13. Fab idea! I'd never thought about setting different resolutions for different months but that's actually a great way of making sure you get lots of stuff done!

  14. This sounds like an amazing idea! Good luck and happy new year! :) x

    Rachel | Beauty and the Bird

  15. These are all great goals! I need to start going to baby groups and having days out just for my 4 year old and me. x


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