Baked Honey & Cinnamon Banana Bites.

The monsters, and myself, love pancakes we are always making them whether it's Shrove Tuesday or not! I also like to try new toppings on them, this is also a perfect bake for kids to do themselves too!

Happy Birthday Iggle Piggle!

On Sunday we were lucky enough to be invited to Alton Towers/CBeebies Land for the special In the Night Garden party! 

First of all I must apologise...these photos have some up absolutely rubbish, there must have been a thin film of something on the lens and they have came out all blurry and well...just rubbish! 

We arrived at Alton Towers around 10.30 and headed straight for Cbeebies Land, we had a wander around Mr Tumbles sensory garden and then as the queues were already getting busy so we started queuing for the In The Night Garden boat ride, and to be honest it didn't matter that the queue was (apparently) 20 minutes long as their was plenty to keep the monsters busy as we waited! From Xylophones, to bead boards their was plenty to keep little minds busy and not thinking about the fact that they were waiting!!

Just as we got to the front of the line Beth from Twinderelmo text me...the party had started at was 11.20...WE WERE LATE! Can you believe it, we had been invited to this awesome event and I had made us late thinking it started at 12!

We needn't have worried as the lovely hosts were nothing but kind! As we entered the room there was so much going off! I don't  know what I was expecting but it wasn't this! 

In the center of the room there were child height tables with all sorts of crafts from decorating party hats, decorating stones for Makka Pakkas's garden, face painting, balloon modelling, colouring in...just loads and then their were the lovely entertainers who kept the kids smiley and happy with dancing, stories and games!
Meal time came and we feasted on hot-dogs, burgers, sarnies, salads and crisps! Yum! Party food to be proud of!

Elsie with a mouth full of hot-dog!

Then it was time for us to meet Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy....Evie ran straight up wrapping her little arms around Upsy Daisy!

And Jenson went straight for a high five with Iggle Piggle!

And Elsie, bless her, was more interested in her juice carton than having her photo taken!!! Babies hey!!

Then it was time for a sing song and birthday cake, it was yummy or erm well so I was told by Jenson and Jofoli the preschool bear who came with us for a trip!

 And then it was time to leave but not before a party bag each! They were filled with In The Night Garden goodies, books, DVD's, soft toys, stickers...

Iggle Piggle's day was made EVEN more special by the fact that a Guinness World Record had just been broken...

Earlier that day Iggle Piggle unveiled the worlds largest polar fleece blanket made by DreamTex and measuring 98.8m sq...that's large enough to cover around 56 children's bed's!

We had an absolutely ace time at the party and a great family day spent at CBeebies land and Alton Towers (which we explored more after the party, keep an eye on the bog for a mini day out post!!) We have already planned our next trip...will you be visiting this year?

Disclaimer: We recieved our tickets and invites complimentary, there was no obligation to share with you, but het we had a great time so thought you would like to here about it!


If you follow our Twitter or Instagram you will know we went to Iggle Piggle's birthday party at the weekend and their was the opportunity to have your photo taken with the famous couple, ermmmm they are a couple right?!?!?...


What We Wore Wednesday #2

What we wore this week...

Ellie wears:

Blouse: Next
Jeans: Next 
Bag: Primark
Hat: Topshop
Glasses: Specsavers Kids (in store now)

Jenson wears:

Batman Tshirt: Next
Jeans: Primark (in store now) 
Cardigan: Matalan

Evie wears:

White top: Next
Cardigan: Next
Leggings: H&M
Hat: Claires Accesories
Shoes: Doodles at Clarks

Elsie Wears:

Legging: F&F at Tesco
White vest: NExt
Cardigan: Vest
Shoes: Next

Evie wears:

Lace trim knit jumper: Ebay
Leggings: Next

Elsie wears:

Jumper: Next
Leggings: Next

Evie wears:

Top: Next
Leggings: Next

Elsie wears:

Rainy Day Peppa Pig top: Next

Evie wears:

Polka dot dress: Primark
Tights: Peacocks
Cardigan: F&F at Tesco
Shoes: Doodles at Clarks

Elsie wears:

Spotty Tunic: Next
Leggings: F&F at Tesco
Stroppy face: Models Own!!!!

Evie wears:

Sail boat dress: Next
Floral pumps: F&F at Tesco (In store now)

Elsie wears:

Sail boat jumpsuit: Next
Shoes: Converse

Both girls wear sets from Next 


Review, Discount Code and Giveaway. Professor Scrubbingtons.

We are always on the look out for things to make bath-time a bit easier, I mean the kids love playtime bath time..but wash time bath time, erm well not so keen! I like products that are easy to use, and child friendly! 

#ToddlerApprovedTuesday #31

I loved getting back to hoting lat week...could you tell? Did you see how quick I got  through the commenting!!! Also did you join the pinterest board yet? How about the facebook page? Come pop by we would love to see their too!

My faves from last week included Hello Archie Blue book review, the Lullaby and Kisses Sweet poem book just looks beautiful, it has been added to our books and toy we want list! 

Lullaby and Kisses Sweet: Poems to Love with Your Baby by Lee Bennett Hopkins, Alyssa Nassner
Photo courtesy of (click photo for link)

I also loved the visit to Helmsley Castle over at Becoming A Stay At Home Mum. I love a castle to explore abnd this one is just a couple of hours drive away...perfect to take Betty (The caravan!) away for a weekend!

Photo courtesy of Becoming A Stay At Home Mum. (link above)

Now on with the show...

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This week I am sharing our Little Life Safety Harness Review and video and also sneaking in a new feature Fun Time Friday, maybe you could get some ideas for how to set out your day to day activities?


Leandra is linking up with a rather ace looking Shaving Foam Number Smash!  

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5 Ideas For...Odd Socks!

I don't know about you but we have a whole load of odd socks, in fact we have a carrier bag full so I can attempt at pairing them back up but the fact is many of the partner socks have simply disappeared, never to be seen again! So it got me thinking what could I do with them? That of course bought me to write this post, 5 Ideas For...Odd Socks!

The Ordinary Moments #3 Balancing Act

I love this link up from Katie at Mummy Daddy Me, its made me be more aware of the everyday the thinks that occur regularly, that I think are nothing, but in fact are the thing I don't want to forget. Like walking in the woods or feeding the ducks.  This week I am sharing the monsters love for walking along the grates up a pathway down from our house...


 We walk that way to town and to school and every day without fail the monsters HAVE to walk along the grates, the train track as they call it, they carefully walk along so that the train (themselves) don't fall from the track! 

It used to be Ellie's favourite thing to do but she is, as she is so many things now, slowly growing out of it, then it was on to Jenson who gave it the name of the train track. And of course everything Jenson does Evie does too! And then little Elsie who just has to do as her big brother and sisters do. It's nothing special, quite an ordinary moment, but non the less a memory I want to remember. Watching her as she waddles and toddles along behind them, not quite the balancer that her elders are!

The Week That Was...16th-22nd May 2015

It's been a while since I did a Week That Was, I think my last one was Easter sometime...So what have we been up to the last week?


1. The weekend was a nice relaxing one, nothing particularly exciting, but just nice and chilled out. We did some baking on Saturday and decorated some Gingerbread people. 

2. On Sunday we went for a drive out to a garden center that has some Animatronic Dinosaurs the monsters were keen to see...we were left a little disappointed by this as there was only 4 dinosaurs and we were expecting something a bit, well more! But they did have a great giant out door maze that we had a race in...boys against girls! The boys won and we girls got ridiculously lost! Until Jenson and Dean came back to find us and we found the castle together! 

3. On Monday my littlest lady had her first ever hair cut! I noticed she was starting to squint under her floppy fringe so just before bedtime Dean grabbed the scissors and she sat beautifully on my knee whilst Dean cut it...OK its not the straightest (because he went in from the side of her not the front...the idiot!) but god doesn't she look adorable and the rate her hair has been growing it will be the right length in a week!

4. We had our one of our first Family Date Night of 2015! Date nights during winter seem few and far between, so now the nights are drawing out and there are fun things at night to go see and do we were naughty Mummy and Daddy and let the kids stay up WAY past their bedtime and went to a local bike night! Yawn I here you yell...and yep I agree, but seeing my babies face as they wander around with Daddy ohhing and ahhing at motorbikes makes my heart melt!

It was a suprise for the monsters and on the way our car conversation went a little like this:

Jenson: Where are we going?
Me: Its a surprise!
Jenson: Will I like it?
Me: will love it!
Jenson: Sssoooooooo...has it got a great big love heart around it?
Me: Well you cant see the heart but I think you would put a love heart around it if you could.

5. Jenson has been trying so hard with writing his name, on Wednesday he did a great job...

6. We made these cool clackers for an upcoming You Tube project...the kids loved them and no getting fed up either because they aren't that noisy!

Blog Life.

1. The last couple of weeks saw me take a bit of a break from link up's. This week saw me return, but I am in a promise with myself that I only link if I have time to link up and read/comment straight away! 

2. As I mentioned above a break from linkys has meant I have been able to get working on blog posts I really want to write! I now have an idea book (well its Evernote) full of ideas to get me through the next few months, so hopefully I will never be stuck for ideas again!

3. I am so pleased that people have started commenting on my photography. From friends on Instagram who are sure I have done some professional course (I can assure you I haven't the time or the money for such a course!) to other bloggers who's photography skills I really admire commenting on  my posts, well it really gives me the kick to keep going, to keep practicing and the balls to ignore Dean when he starts moaning 'hurry up..why do you have to take photos of everything...jut press the button already...''

4. I started a few new features this week, What We Wore Wednesday and Fun Time Fridays, check them out an let me know what you think!

5. I started the ball rolling for an exciting new blogger collaboration a couple of weeks ago, and this week saw us really start getting their! And we almost have an introduction....its very hard though as we all live in different corners of the UK!! We are hoping to launch on June 1st so keep your eyes peeled!

6. My most read post this week was the Toddler Approved Tuesday link up closely followed by our Ordinary Moments.

7. My favourite post was the Get To Know Me video for our YouTube channel.

Things to look forward to and inspiration for the week ahead...

1. On Sunday we are visiting Alton Towers for the In The Night Garden ride' 1st Birthday Party, how exciting! And even more exciting is that I get to have a sneaky meet up with blogging bestie Beth (Twinderlemo) and meet her gorgeous lot! Excited much!

2. Half Term next week, Ellie is visiting her Dad, I wonder what me an the monsters will get up to! I will try and do some half term daily vlogs...but well I shan't promise anything as I'm not the best at fulfilling a full week!

3. This weekend marks 4 weeks til Britmums can read my meme HERE!

4. As I mentioned above I am very excited for the new blogger collab coming up! More details on this next week!

Recipe. Swede and Potato Rosti Fish Pie

I have mentioned before that instead of buying fresh meat and fish all the time I buy frozen, because a) It saves money (its always a lot cheaper to buy frozen than fresh) and b) it saves waste, the amount of chicken, mince and fish I have thrown away because I forgot about it in the fridge, is ridiculous. This fish pie is a great way to get veg into the mouths of babes, not that we have any problem with that but for those of you with fussy eaters, the topping is a Rosti of swede and potato and you could always hide veg throughout the pie instead of on the side too!

Review. Out and About With Little Life Safety Harness.

Elsie is now 18 months old, she is wanting more and more to get out of the pram and walk. And whilst this is all well and good when we are exploring Castles and country parks, on the school run...well lets just say it isn't very relaxing as she legs it after cats, runs into people's garden's and runs into EVERY shop you walk past! We needed reins...

Fun Time Fridays #1

So at least once a day I have been trying to set something up for the monsters to do, I have mentioned before how I find their behaviour so much better when they have something to focus on instead of just ransacking the place every day! So here are a few things we did for fun during the last fortnight!

A piratey sticker creation station...

My Little Pony Playdoh, inspired by Clares Little Tots...

A glittery fairy dust kinda morning... 

Fairy houses in the making... 

Magic potions making for a preschool home challenge... 

Playdoh with letters and numbers...

Decorating Gingerbread People...

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