The Week That Was...21st-27th February 2015.

So this week has been a weird one, I don't feel like I have done anything productive in either my blog life or home life! The week just seems to have zoomed by and I seem to have got nothing done, other than make my to do list longer than it has ever been!!

Home Life.

1. Me and Ellie started the weekend off in London! Wopppeeeeee! We had an amazing time and I am yet to blog about it but it is coming...bear with me! There is just so much to write about! You can read about our hotel, the Novotel London Paddington HERE!

2. The little monster's had a weekend with Daddy and I'm happy to say they were really well behaved (phew!) and he got through it incident free...well apart from the small matter of Elsie falling of the sofa but no damage (to her) was done! They enjoyed a visit to the East Kirkby Aviation Centre (Dean is rubbish at photo stuff so this photo is the best we are gonna get...lets just say there will be no blog posts about this day out! Ha ha!!

3. Since I have been away Elsie has calmed down with needing to be attatched to me so much, I mean she is still whiney but its not as bad as it was!

4. I had a real scare on Thursday evening, Evie was running around as it would seem she thinks our house is the soft play centre, and she tripped and managed to hit her nose on Elsie's knee as she fell...seriously I have never seen so much blood it was pouring from her nose like a tap had been turned on. She wouldn't stop screaming and after 15 minutes and it not looking like it was gonna stop bleeding I ended up convincing myself her nose was broken and ringing Dean to get home from work as soon as possible! He came home straight away (it was almost his time to knock off from work anyway!) and of course it stopped bleeding before he had even taken his shoes off, I was glad he came home though, it gave me a chance to calm myself down and he reassured me her nose wasn't broken, thank god!

I  cant believe I am saying this...I have nothing else to say! We haven't done any baking, no crafts, I said above NOTHING productive has happened this week! NOTHING! *insert sad face here!*

Blog Life.

2. My most popular post this week was: Toddler Approved Tuesday 

3. I have a list that is soooooo long of review/sponsored posts that need doing! Less than 4 weeks since I said I wouldn't do so many at once again! OOOOPPPPSS!!

And again as I said above nothing productive has happened this week and I have hardly read any (thats if any) blogs this week! tonight will be spend catching up on all the link up's I have joined and not been a bad blogger!!!


I'm working my way through my Blog Life pinterest board! As well as having a sort out of my pinterest account because some boards have over 500 am I ever gonna find anything in that lot? So I'm trying to find ways of making smaller pin boards (eg my food board is getting split between sweet treats/lunch time/breakfasts etc!) it gonna take me a while let me tell you!

Mums' Days

Novotel London Paddington. 20th-22nd February 2015

You may have seen on my Instagram and Twitter that me and Ellie enjoyed a girly weekend in London over half term. We were lucky enough to be asked to stay at the fabulous family friendly 4 Star Novotel London Paddington...

(This is a photo heavy post!)


The hotel Novotel London Paddington is a 206 room non smoking hotel located in Paddington Central area, and is literally just a few minutes walk from Paddington Station. (Just take a tip from me and on exiting the station head along the waterside of the Grand Union Canal until you reach Starbucks and Zizi then head over the square (to your left!) and you should see the hotel, although from here there are signs!) 

View into the amphitheater at the nearby Sheldon Square.

Ellie loved this cool and funky subway!

The picturesque Grand Union Canal 


Now when ever I hear that a hotel is family friendly I am always a little wary until we have checked in...for me its all about the check in! Hotels in the past have put me off by the attitudes receptionists have towards the kids so take it from me this hotel....was the best! As soon as we stepped into the super cool and very trendy lobby we were greeted by the amazing reception staff, who made it their mission to tell Ellie herself all the cool things they have available for kids from the free gift on the Xbox both in the room and in the lobby (and a large selection of games and DVD's to borrow for free)...To the cute children's area, with jigsaws, books and toys to play, ideal for younger guests, not so much for Ellie, and also the free breakfast and free WiFi, which kept Ellie more than happy!

And actually also whilst we were staying they had a superhero event especially for the kids, which Ellie was invited to personally from the hotel manager who came out to have a chat with her...this made Ellie feel super important and very very welcome, in fact she didn't stop going on about it and has told everyone how the manager came to greet us to London! (Unfortunately we didn't make it back to the hotel in time for the event as Ellie's sight seeing list was pretty extensive for just 1 and a half days in London! On that note keep an eye out for our What We Did In London post!) 

The lobby itself was white and bright and had stunning pieces everywhere you looked...

From amazing lamps and lights scattered around and funky seating to the inviting corner of the lobby that housed macs and an Xbox...

Ellie loved the spinny chairs in the hotel lobby.

These light's were my fave thing ever! #CanIHaveSome!!

Photo courtesy of the Novotel website

...It was all immaculately clean and well kept and looked like it had just opened (I'm not sure when the hotel opened but I am 100% positive it has been their for more than a week!!)

And once we got into our room and had settled we received a courtesy call to see we had settled in OK and everything was alright for us.

The Room.

We stayed in a family room and it was lovely and big for 2 though I am not sure how you would get on with full capacity, as the sofa beds (the one sofa bed pulled out a 2 single beds which I liked!) filled the room although they were really easy to fold away to give more space and additional seating.  

The room boasts a wall mounted TV...

MP3 station...

Xbox (you can borrow DVD's and games from reception for free)

Funky lamps, bedside lights and a phone...

Tea and coffee making facilties including a fridge to store the milk and a selection of waters...

The bathroom had a bath (with shower head ) and a seperate shower AND a large basin..

and they also provide you with a selection of soaps, shower gels, shampoo and towels.

The room also had a separate toilet, desk space and chair, a safe deposit box and of course wardrobe space. Another thing I will mention is how quiet the room was seriously you couldn't hear a peep, which was great considering that were surrounded by roads and multiple train tracks outside!!

Enjoying the room...


Ellie also has a new love of macaroon's after this amazing selection we received on arrival! And made sure I bought her some from Harrods food hall whilst we were there!

Food and Drink. (Cue lots of foodie pics!!)

On Friday night (the night of our arrival) we took a walk out of the hotel and had a wander around and so we ate out, which if it is what you are planning on doing the Novotel London Paddington is in the perfect setting as it is just a short walk away from a selection of eateries based at Sheldon Square.

Or if you prefer to eat in then the hotel has an in house restaurant, called Elements, and bar, called Elements Bar, and although I didn't use the bar as it was a Mummy/Daughter trip and we didn't eat in the restaurant we did order room service and wow it was yummy! A good selection of food is available on the room service menu and on Saturday night whilst watching Ant and Dec on the big TV we ordered a cheeky pizza and some fries...and of course it would have been rude not to have had a pudding too! 

It was the little details that made a pizza and fries feel a bit more special! Like Pizza in a box and little jars of sauce rather than sachets!

And the chocolate brownie we shared was the best brownie I have ever had! 

At breakfast, when I tell you there was a huge choice...I mean there was a HUGE CHOICE! It had everything you could imagine plus more! From stuff we didn't recognise as breakfast (sorry I'm possibly the most uncultured 31 year old their is!) like salami, cheese and olives (for breakfast????) to a good old cooked breakfast buffet (HEAVEN!)  Me and Ellie filled our tum's every morning and the amazing brekkie kept us going until mid afternoon. 

That gutting moment when the child of a blogger eats half her breakfast before you took a photo!!!

Other Stuff! (The photos below are all from the Novotel Website)

The Novotel London Paddington also has a gym, sauna and heated swimming pool that we didn't use. Ellie did ask if we could take our swimming stuff but I didn't think we would have time so said no, when actually we could have as I didn't realise on Sundays they give you complimentary check out of 5pm (check with reception that this is still applicable).

I love the fact of late checkout on Sundays and wish I had realised sooner as we could have had another full day but as our train tickets were already booked there wasn't much we could do!! 

All in all we had an amazing time at Novotel London Paddington and we will certainly be going back...In fact we have already thinking about booking our next trip in May for Jenson's birthday AND have already booked a stay in December for my birthday for myself an Dean!!

Disclaimer: We were lucky enough to receive our trip complimentary thanks to the Accor Hotel group. Though all opinions, word's and photo's are our own unless stated.
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