15 Things To Do..Before You Take Up Running.

So tomorrow I am starting running...eeekks!

I'll admit, I'm a little scared about going it alone but before I start here are 15 things I've learnt before I get going...

1. Buy Suitable Footwear.

So this is an obvious one! BUT what I really want to know is, do I need running shoes? As a family on a budget I cant really afford two separate pairs of trainers for running and for the gym. So if any of you run can you let me know, am I doing any actual damage by wearing gym trainers for running?

2. Buy Suitable Clothing.

I have been lucky enough to be sent some FAB items from USA Pro at Sports Direct (Thanks Guys!). They have sent me some great footwear, and some great bottoms and tops. Keep a look out for a review!

3. Invest in equipment that you may need. 

I mean your just running but it may be an idea to take a water bottle. Apparently you shouldn't need a drink if your running for less than an hour BUT you know your own body and if you think you will need one well it isn't going to harm to take one right?  A sports bra for you ladies out there. In winter you might want a headband/hat and maybe gloves. Ohhhh headphones if you want to listen to music. And maybe download an app to map your run.

4. Download a podcast/app. 

I have downloaded the NHS Couch to 5k challenge app (find the info HERE!) Which looks perfect for beginners like me!

5. Make a playlist! 

I'm going to share mine with you in a couple of weeks.  So keep a look out!

6. Do your homework! 

Can you just start running? What are suitable warm ups? Do you need to cool down? Wait...WHAT IS A COOL DOWN!

7. Fuel right! (I saw that somewhere else!)

Running empty is going to end in you cramped and sick. Under eating again you will feel sick and not have the right amount of energy to be succesful. I found this article about what to eat and when quite helpful.

8. Choose a start day and make no excuses.

Its supposed to rain/snow tomorrow  BUT I'm still going because if I don't I know I will keep putting it off and end up never going!

9. Know your route. 

Chose a route and stick to it. I am going to start of by warming up/stretching at home then taking a 5 minute walk to the local rugby training field that is just down the road from me and I will be starting off just around their until I am confident to go further afield! 

10. BE SAFE!

Another reason I will be planning my route is so that Dean knows where I am. I know that may sound stupid but I would rather be safe than sorry! If you are running near a road and will be running in the dark, invest in something that has a reflective strip on it.

11. Stay Positive!

If your starting to feel overly tired, stop. It supposed to be fun! If you start of by hating what you are doing you are going to give up and stop all together, so why not stop in your tracks and aim for better on your next run.

12. Try different times and days.

Find what works best for you and your body, thus maximum enjoyment. Meaning more effort and better outcome.

13. Talk to others. 

Shout about your new run on Facebook/Twitter/your blog. Putting yourself out there means you will be more likely to go for it.

14. Have an aim. 

My aim is to take part in the Race for life this year.

15. ENJOY! 


Blog Stars Little Stars

This week we are joined by the ever so fabulous (if I do say so myself!!) Clare and 2 year old Georgia from over at Clares Little Tots....

Clare started her blog a year ago just after becoming a childminder as a way to share with friends and family some of the things she does with the children she cares for. When she realised that people were actually reading it she started to take it a bit more seriously. You can find Clares Little Tots Blog here: http://www.clareslittletots.co.uk/blog and you can pop along and follow and like here:

Clare says...

Georgia is 2 years old (3 at the end of March) and is about to become a big sister for the first time. At some point in her day (every day) she will be dressed as Snow White or Anna or Elsa from Frozen. She loves the fact that her mummy is a childminder as she gets to have her friends over 5 days a week to play, go on fun trips and get messy with arts and crafts. She's an incredibly bright, generous and caring little girl and so far we've avoided the terrible two's with her (no tantrums or naughty step) ...we often wonder if number 2 is going to be an absolute horror to make up for it! 

1) What is something Mummy always says to you?

It’s good to try new food

2) What makes Mummy happy?


3) What makes Mummy sad?


4) How does your Mummy make you laugh?

She gets things wrong sometimes. 

5) How old is your Mummy?

1 ..*pauses*.. 31

6) How tall is your Mummy?

She has a bigger bum than me

7) What is Mummy's favorite thing to do?

Eating cakes

8) What does your Mum do when you’re not with her?

I don’t know (I’m with her 7 days a week ha! She has no idea what I might do when she’s not there)

9) What is your Mummy really good at?

Making cakes with me

10) What is your Mummy a bit rubbish at?

Finding my Snow White doll

11) What does your Mummy do for her job?

Looking after all the children when their mummys and daddies are at work. 

12) What is your Mummy's favorite food?

Chips and chocolate

13) If your Mummy was on the TV what would she be on?

(don’t think Georgia understood this question)

14) What do you and your Mummy do together?

We go to soft play and swimming and painting and play with the dolls house

15) How do you know your Mummy loves you?

She tries to kiss me and I run away. 

16) What does Mummy like to wear?

Mini mouse PJs that don’t fit her big belly (I’m 28 weeks preggers!)

17) What does Mummy watch on TV?

Peppa Pig

18) What does Mummy drink?

Wine and hot chocolate

19) What did Mummy do before I had babies?

Married daddy

20) Where is Mummy's favourite place?

Playgroup and soft play

Thankyou Georgia, Did Mummy find your Snow White doll? I'm dying to know!!! 

Clare remember to grab the Blog Stars Little Stars badge and pop it on you blog so that everyone knows Georgia is a Blog Stars Little Star!

Blog Stars Little Stars

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The Week That Was...24th-30th January 2015

This week has been all about getting into a routine with the monsters that enables me to get my evening jobs done! By the time they get home from school they are all tired and all grumpy and all argue ALOT so I needed something that would keep their attention and entertained because the TV just isnt working! 

Home Life.

1. Turns out we are NOT very good at Swiss Rolls....

2. BUT we are amazing at Banana Bread and this recipe is super easy, just 5 steps and 4 ingredients! We also made some cupcakes too, but they were all gone by the time I came to take a photo!!

3. We have been trying out Leandra's idea of an afterchool 'play station'. Basically a mat (or in our case a followed up towel, ha ha!!) with an afterchool snack, a book, an activity and a game to keep them busy and stop the arguing. I must say it works, n the 2 days I remembered to set one up we had no arguements and I was able to get into the kitchen and have ea ready for an actual 'tea time' time, instead of ready at bedtime!!
(use the hashtag #afterchoolmat on instagram to find our ideas and why not join in yourself?

4. Its been another week of little or no sleep and on Wednesday night I am pretty sure I didnt sleep at all. Seriously I hate teething! I feel so sorry for Elsie though, they all seem to be coming through at the same time and they arent giving her a break! Poor babba!

5. Have I told you before that my baby sister is a beaut! NO? Well she is! She knew we had been feeling a bit down from not sleeping and so on Thursday she treated me and the 2 littlest monsters to dinner and a soft play date! We had a lovely afternoon, and Elsie is now able to climb up the steps and go down the lide all by herself! Yey! 

6. As well as the teething, Ellie has been a bit poorly and spent today (Friday) in bed or on the sofa with a blanket and feeling sorry for herself with a sky high temp, couldn't but finger on what it was and I'm hoping by tomorrow she is better. 

7. Oh and the major breakthrough this week has been my decision to quit the diets and forget Slimming World. I had a sudden moment of realisation as I read Pouting In Heels post about body image (find the link to Kate's post below in my posts of the week!). Make sure you take a read of both mine and Kate's  posts, they both include an important message that EVERY Mummy and Daddy should read!

8. In addition to quiting Slimming World and dieting, I have started listening to the Thinking Slimmer podcast, which works on your mind and your way of thinking.  

Blog Life.

1. Reviews this week: Fruitecigs, PenWizard Peronalised Books, #AldiSpecialBuysFunky Giraffe Bibs, H&A Bathtime Buddies.

2. Giveaways this week: $50 spend at minted.com (perfect if your looking for invitations, save the date cards or maybe you want some new buisness cards for Britmums!)


3. My most popular post this week was my #MummyBucketList My favourite post was my quitting the diets post because it meant such a great deal to me!!

4. My fave posts this week came from Cardiff Mummy, she made me laugh with the Rules of the Toddler Shop, I loved Yellow Belly Mummy's list of the Sods Law of Parenting it really mad me giggle! BUT my absolute fave post this week was Kate at Pouting In Heel's Body Image post, its a must read! 

5. Toddler Approved Tuesday had a great show this week with a massive 25 link ups!! Our best week yet, I love that we are getting a lovely little community going!

6. On Monday evening me and Leandra are hosting a #ParentIdeaSwap Twitter Party, for parents to swap ideas (ermm obviously!)...find all the details HERE!!! We would love to see you there!

Mums' Days

5 Ideas For...Age Appropriate Chores!

I've been promising this list for ages, I've finally I got round to blogging about it! Here are our Monster's Chore's List. 

I actually hate the word chore, I much prefer 'JOB' so each of the monsters have a few jobs to do throughout the week, some are daily jobs, some are weekly, and if done they earn £1 a day. (Each monster can earn a maximum of £5, if they do there  jobs every day then they are rewarded with 'Mummy or Daddy Time')

The jobs are nothing too strenuous I mean I'm not making them clean windows or the toilet or anything but just little things to help me out and to help them become independent. I have seen some lists that are just ridiculous  (this snippet below is a chore list for a 4-5 year old...) 

● Unload the dishwasher (silverware,
plastic cups, tupperware)
● Dust with feather duster/microfiber rag
● Swiffer the floor
● Put clothes in the dirty clothes hamper
● Collect dirty clothes
● Help move clothes from washer to dryer
● Put clothes away
● Make bed
● Wipe cabinets

● Wipe baseboards (soapy water
● Load the dishwasher
● Vacuum couch/ chairs/ cushions
● Take out recycling
● Set table
● Clear table
● Wash dishes (with supervision)
● Clean windows
● Wipe out bathroom sinks
● Match socks
● Fold dish towels
● Weed
● Water indoor plants

● Feed pets

That list actually came from someones blog AND was a very popular pin on Pinterest. I  mean, sorry BUT what are the parents doing here? Sat on their backsides watching the TV whilst the preschoolers sort out the house? I'm sorry if I piss anyone off here, but no! Just NO! Children are meant to be children, let them play...by all mean teach them to help out but NO NO NO that list above is just shit...it really upsets me to think somewhere out there is a little 4 year old been treat like Cinderella!

Anyway enough of my Mummy rant...here are the monsters jobs, as I say nothing much just a few little things. And they arent forced either, they don't want to do it they don't, its no big deal!!

What do you think am I a mean Mummy? Do your children have jobs (or chores!)? And I'm very intrigued about what you think of that 4-5 year olds chore list?!? 

New Year. New Me. Getting Healthy and Stopping The 'Diets'.

I just started to read a post over at Pouting In Heels it's all about body image and it starts with a tale of a Mum and Daughter talking about chips, and I mean reading it made me stop and come over to a blank blog page and has made me write this post, the fastest post I have ever written (start to finish in less than 20 minutes) because its all honest, its from my heart and because I mean every word, I hit publish without even thinking about it, because that young girl, that Mum that Kate heard...could easily have been me.

I don't want this to jut sit as a draft for me to never see again. I want it out there so that you all know, for you to stop me the next time you see/read/hear me complaining, moaning, feeling guilty. 

As you all know I was a Slimming World member for the most of last year, I stopped in October due to me being a bit ill and have since made an attempt to return that lasted 2 weeks and I was due to start back in January too BUT I am yet to return, It doesn't mean I am a failure, but there's one big thing stopping me...

This girl....

My beautiful, gorgeous, kind, loving 10 year old Ellie. The girl who has started obsessing with foods, fussing over foods, breathing in so she doesn't look 'fat, crying because a stupid boy at school called her ugly because of her glasses. 

So for now its time to stop counting the syns, stop checking calories, stop searching menu's for the best option, its time to stop feeling guilty for that piece of chocolate cake at pudding. Time to stop feeling ridiculously guilty because we went for hot chocolate. Its time to start enjoying life and stop panicking about what the scales will say on Monday.  It's time to stop with the 'I'm too fat for that dress'.

Dean will always come home from work and greet me with an 'Alright Beautiful' or a 'Hiya Gorgeous' and I will shout at him to stop being stupid, time to stop telling Dean 'don't call me beautiful, you know I'm not'. 

Don't get me wrong I don't intend to turn into Waynetta Slob but it's time to start caring for my body in a healthy way, thinking of myself in a positive way. Because if my husband and kids are telling me I am beautiful then I must be...right? It's time to start taking the time to take a pride in the way I look, instead of moaning about how I look, do something about it by taking 5 minutes in the morning to just put some makeup on. 

And not so that Ellie things you have to live a life wearing makeup, I mean I only wear a little foundation and mascara, but because I know when I have make up on I feel better about myself.

And if I feel better about myself I know I wont be moaning about myself. 

And if I'm not moaning at myself, fighting with myself, hating myself then Ellie wont be hearing it and she wont be thinking that the way someone looks is important. 

I have started Thinking Slimmer, which works on your mindset. There is no 'diet' its all about your mind, your thinking, your attitude. Ellie knows nothing about it, she doesn't need to know. All she needs to see is a healthy attitude towards food, and weight, and body image. 

So FU*K YOU demons, FU*K YOU! I'm not listening to you anymore...I'm not letting you rule my life...I'm not letting you ruin my 10 year old's child hood...I'm not letting you make me make my daughter hate herself. (does that even make sense?)...I'm not letting you tell me I'm not beautiful anymore...I'm not letting you tell me I'm fat anymore. I'M NOT, I'M NOT, I'M NOT!

Beau Twins

Brilliant blog posts on HonestMum.com

Recipe. 4 Ingredient Chocolate Banana Bread.

After our Swiss Roll Failure at the beginning of the week I was dubious to do any more baking BUT its what the monsters wanted to do and also my Nan had bought us round about 25 banana's that she had picked up in Tesco last nights, so in the end it was a toss up between Banana Bread and Banoffe Pie, we went with Banana Bread (obvs!) with just 4 ingredients and 5 easy steps...who can resist!

Your 4 Ingredients:

3 bananas
2 eggs
Chocolate Spread 
Packet/Boxed Sponge Mix

And here are the 5 easy steps:

1. Mash the banana's...

2. Mix the banana and 2 eggs together...

3. Stir in the cake mix...

4. Stir in a couple of dollops of chocolate spread... 

5. Pour into a loaf tin and into a preheated oven (Gas 4) for 35-40 minutes...

And Voila...


BakedPotato Mummy

Tasty Tuesdays on HonestMum.com

Gym Bunny Mummy

Helping Dean Quit Smoking with Fruitecigs.

Now I don't mean to judge anyone but if there's one thing I hate its smoking and I have been trying to get Dean to quit for so long, he has tried a couple of times and lasted about 12 hours before going back to the fag packet!


Admittedly sometimes it has been me telling him to go buy some cigs...not very supportive I know BUT as a tired busy Mum with little babies/toddlers the last thing I could be dealing with was Deans arsiness and mood swings that quitting smoking brings.

So Dean decided his New Years resolution for this year was to finally kick the habit. Not long after we saw that fruitecigs were looking for people to review their electronic cigarettes it must be fate! I knew that if he had to do it for a review their would be an even bigger incentive to be successful, or to at least give it a good enough try. 

We were sent the eGo CE4 Electronic cigarette kit and some fluids to use. A great little starter pack, although with no instructions for how to use on the packaging or to that we could find on the website it took some figuring out before Dean could actually use it!

Here are our top tips for use, that we discovered whilst using and after doing some research over the interweb...

  • The charger has 2 lights. Red light means charging. Green light means fully charged.
  • It takes between 1-3 hours to fully charge.
  • Once the liquid is in the clearomizer leave for 10 minutes to allow the wick to absorb some of the liquid.
  •  To turn the ecig on/off press the button 5 times in quick succession.

What Dean Thought.

The eGo CE4 Electronic cigarette kit is really easy to use (once you get the information to be able to use it) it has helped me reduce from around 10-15 cigarettes a day, to maybe 1 or 2 (those 1 or 2  are social cigarettes at work, and whilst I am home I don't smoke at all). The e-liquids are easy to dispense and I had the peach and the blueberry flavours, so far I've just tried out the peach flavour and at first I was a bit dubious about the flavour, but in fact I didnt need to worry as the flavour is just a hint and not at all over powering. 

In all this was a great starter e-cig and has overall been easy to use, the battery lasts well (I have charged once in 10 days) and the flavour of the eliquid is just right. I look forward to finally smoking my last cigarette, which seems a whole lot closer than it did before now.

What I Thought.

At last Dean has (almost) quit smoking! I'm crossing my fingers this is long term, never to let a cigarette packet enter my house again! Although I still don't like the fact that the kid see Dean 'smoking' so I still send him outside (is that been a mean wife?) but I don't want my kids to become accustomed to it in any way. 

Anyway it has worked a whole lot better than I thought it would, though I must say I feel like an idiot walking with him in town when he looks like he is sucking on a pen or something! But hey he has quit and for that I am grateful!

Disclaimer: We were sent the eGo CE4 free of charge in return of an honest review, all opinions are our own.

When Evie Went Swimming With Peppa Pig...

STOP THE TODDLER PRESS...Evie got to live the toddler dream and go swimming with Peppa blummin Pig!

Well OK, OK she didnt actually get to go BUT in her own personalised story book from Penwizard she did!

Not only do Penwizard create a story using your child's name but they turn your child into a Peppa Pig type character too!

As you can imagine...Evie's mind was well and truly blown, and the book has become the number one choice for bedtime story since we received it! And already looks like we have had it years due to the fact that she hasn't put it blummin down! SHE LOVES IT!

We chose swimming with Peppa (because obvs Evie loves swimming so much, see pic below!!)... 

but there are lots of other Peppa stories to chose from or if you don't fancy a Peppa book how about Ben and Holly? In The Night Garden? Or just a 'normal story?' The paper backed character books cost just £14.99 (prices start from)

All you have to do is pop over to the penwizard website, add your child's (or the recipients) details, chose gender, hair colour/length and style, eye colour, glasses and thats it, penwizard will create your book and all you have to do is wait for your super amazing book to arrive! We ordered our book on Thursday, it arrived on Monday morning, thats a super fast delivery for something personalised...well I think so anyway!

I will definitely be going back for birthday and Christmas presents for the other monsters and for family and friends, because it is a gift that will last them and be something really special to them.

Disclaimer: We were sent this book free in return of an honest review. all opinion are mine (and Evie's) own!

#ParentIdeaSwap Monthly Twitter Party!

A couple of weeks ago the lovely Leandra at LarabeeUK got in touch and asked me to be a part of her new Twitter linky and of course I said yes!

The ideas is to hold a themed monthly twitter party where you can tweet blog post links, photo's or just a let us know your top parenting ideas around that month's subject.  We all know how busy people are and so a monthly linky will also run to allow you to continue linking your posts for that subject, in case you can't make the actual Twitter party.  Both Leandra and I will choose our favourites and will both create a monthly showcase post along with a special Pinterest board. 

You don't have to include the badge in your blog post if you don't want to but spreading the word and re-tweeting would be really appreciated!

The link will be up on both our blogs on the first Monday of each month.

The first theme will be 'children's snacks' from babies to toddlers to schoolchildren to family snacks, tweet your blog post, pictures or just your favourite snack ideas, using the #parentideaswap and we'll re-tweet and post all linkable entries to the #parentideaswap pinterest board.

The twitter party will be held 8-9pm on the first Monday of every month, starting on Monday 2 February.

A few future themes we have in the pipeline are:
1. Children's snacks2. Busy bag ideas3. 10 minute crafts & activities4. Organising your play/craft things

Let us know if you have any other ideas we can add to the list.

So...Who's in? You? 

Leave a comment below or tweet us @3princess_1dude and @larabeeuk 

Bedtime Routine's With #AldiSpecialBuys

We have a solid bedtime routine of pj's, find blankets/teddy's/snuggles then a story (and a bottle for Elsie), then bed. We rarely have any problems and they all go down with out any fuss.

We are always on the look out for new book's, and things to make bedtime a pleasant experience and you know we love a bargain so when we heard about the latest #AldiSpecialBuys Baby and Toddler Event we wanted to let you all know about it too. With story book's at just 99p its the perfect excuse to go shopping!

Storytime with our new book and Elsie having a snuggle with her new blanket! And look at Jenson' face, he loved the tale of Underpants Wonderpants!

As we sat and snuggled up on the sofa we gave Elsie her new blanket, Myself and the hubs hoped that tonight would be that night that we could take her smelly old blanket and give it a much needed wash! 

So far so good, we finished of the story, she finished off her bottle, still new blanket in hand...

She had a wander around....

And snuggled into her new soft cellular blanket...

And wandered over to Daddy and made her usual noise to tell us she wanted to go up to bed...

Bedtime Daddy?

And that is when she realised...

Hang on...not without my beloved blanket...my new one can wait until tomorrow!

ahhhhh...that's better...I love you blanket!!

Thanks Aldi...it was worth a try, especially at just £2.49!! 

On Thursday (29th January 2015) they will be kicking off the first Aldi Special Buys Baby and Toddler Event for 2015.

Whether your looking for baby clothing essentials, safety items or gifts for a new baby they have it!

From the bargain Mamia Comfort Baby Monitor for just £19.99...

The ridiculously cute Hungry Caterpillar Gift Set's...

Clothing essential including socks (£2.49) and tights (£1.99), bodysuits (from £2.99), sleepsuits (from £2.99), fleecy jackets (£4.99) and character tops (£3.99 for a 2 pack!), including Hello Kitty and Mr Men...


New baby essentials like hooded towel (£3.49), muslin cloths (£3.29), fleece blankets (£2.79)...

Baby Fleece Blanket

And of course, how about an essential cellular blanket for just £2.49....

 And a selection of storybooks for just 99p!

But you have to hurry stocks are limited and once they are gone...they are gone!

Disclaimer: We were compensated for this post.
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