The Elf On The Shelf®. A Week Of Ideas.

This is our first year with Elfie, our scout Elf. Here is what he got up to in his first week with us!

Pic 1...Elfie cuts waffles and leaves syrup and sprinkles!

Pic 2...Elfie trys to decorate the tree but gets in a bit of a muddle!

Pic 3...Elfie left 'magic' jelly beans to plant. They grew into candy canes over night.

Pic 4...Pony trekking.

Pic 5...Playing cars.

Pic 6...Playing with the Christmas decorations on the fireplace.

Pic 7...Reading books. 


  1. hehehe! You have given me some ideas....It looks like your elf has been having a great time x

  2. Great ideas and I'm loving #2 when he gets into a bit of a muddle!
    We have a LetElvesBeElves linky, opens on Thursday to share Elf ideas, if you fancy it?!


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