5 Things Santa Can't Bring Me For Christmas...But My Kids Can! #12DaysOfParenting

Day 2 of the #12DaysOfChristmas Blog hop and a big hello if you have come over from The Mad House Of Cats and Babies. When the hubby asked me to write out my Christmas list it was full of extravagant things that really in my heart I know I wont receive the majority (I mean really a camera for vlogging, a DSLR, new phone, Macbook etc etc) and then their are things I put on their that are a given, slippers, pj's, socks, chocolates that I will more than likely definitely get...This got me thinking to things that the kids can get me, the things money cant buy...

1. A lie in...preferably one that ends around 8.30 on a weekend, put I suppose 7.30 would do!

2. A whole day arguement free.

3. Allowing me to listen to the one 30 minute programme I watch every day NOISE FREE.

4. Allowing me to walk past the bakery without the 'I want a cake' whine...FYI kids, I want cake too!

5. A visit to the toilet without an audience.

Whats number 1 on your Santa cant bring you list? Let me know in the comments below!

Be sure to go and take a look and see whats on Picking Up Toys Christmas list!

Today's code word: TOYS

1 comment:

  1. I want a walk to the shops where we don't have to stop and look at every flower, have a CARRY CARRY CARRY shouted at me, and we spend the entirety of it walking in the right direction......


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