The Week That Was...21st-27th November 2015

Brrrrr..I think it is most definitely safe to say winter is here. Hello! Dragon breathing on cold morning school runs, Hello! After school treats of hot chocolate and marshmallows. Hello! slow cooker tea times and Hello! to woolly hats and gloves...yep, winter is most definitely here!

1. The weekend was another lazy one! Spent snuggled on the sofa under chunky knit throws watching  movies, drinking hot coffee and eating mince pies! I just couldn't resist! 

2. Literally this week has been like Christmas central...shouldn't have had the mince pies because they have made me rather festive! Christmas tree? yep its up! Christmas crafts? Started! Christmas cards? Written! If only we were so organised on the present front! 

3. We went to watch the town Christmas light switch on, I didn't take any photo's as the kids were just NUTS for it and I didn't want to be watching their delight from behind a screen I wanted to be part of their memories...does that make sense?

4. Our TV stopped working...we are currently watching a 19 inch TV from out of the caravan...because lets face it, who can afford a new TV at Christmas time! Blahhhh!

1. After last weeks mammoth blogging session I was able to take the weekend off blogging, although I did sit and try and get it just as I liked, which actually ended up in a mini disaster! Please take a tip from me and DON'T EVER start faffing with your blog unless you have backed it up first!!

2. Reviews I shared this week Sleepy People, FotoInsight Personalised Advent Calendars, Cuddledry's Cuddledeer Hooded Towel.

3. Giveaways running this week: RealTimes, Thomas and Friends Stick A Story Vinyl Wall Stickers, Disney Princess Stick A Story Vinyl Wall Stickers, In The Night Garden goodies.

4. Posts I've loved this week: LarabeeUK's Stick Man Boo Bag,  Em at Brummy Mummy of 2 shared a great bloggers stocking fillers list (which, of course I inboxed straight to Dean!) I haven't really read many blogs this week. Must try harder this week!

5. Videos I've loved this week: Red Ted Art's Origami Star Wreaths, My Fussy Eaters Bacon Cheese and Chive Egg Muffins, and Mummy Daddy Me's Gender Reveal has cuteness written all over it!

6. Book of the week: The Book Of You by Claire Kendall  is a physcological, crime, thriller book. I had me hooked and I read in just a couple of days!

1. Adsense...I am reading up on it. Because maaaaan has it baffled me!

2. I'm making a list of The Elf On The Shelf ideas...I cant believe he will arrive on Tuesday (eeeepppss!)

You Baby Me Mummy

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  1. Aw thanks for featuring our stick man boo bag, I expect you are exhausted after such a busy week! Hope you have a great one this week x


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