The Week That Was...14th-20th November 2015.

I know...I thought I had given up with these posts! Its been a long time but I promise I'm going to try and stick with them this time!

1. Our weekend was a pretty lazy one! PJ day on Saturday, chip shop know that kind of weekend!

2. In fact the whole week has been a lazy one! We haven't really done much, its been far to windy to consider going out for anything other than school runs and maybe a sneaky hot chocolate!

3. I have gotten back into my gym sessions! This week I attended 2 out of 3 of the sessions I am booked in for! Considering this is the most I have done for a good few weeks, I'm pleased with this. I've got my motivational mojo back at last!

4. Remember back in January when I said I was going to start running with the aim of a 5k at some point? Well, it never happened! So as well as getting back to the gym I have also decided that I'm training for a 5k in March...this gives me 4 months to train!

1. Have you noticed anything different? Well I hope so because last night I was up until way past minute, giving the blog a makeover! Whats started at just giving the little monsters in my header Santa hats turned into redesigning my header...and then changing everything else to match! There are still a couple of bits that need doing, hopefully they will be done by the end of the weekend! Fingers Crossed! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

2. Thanks to a lazy weekend, I managed to get caught up on the blog. I fixed all broken links and also planned December's blog post's. I just need to fit in some reviews but the basics are covered! 

3. Reviews I have wrote this week include Peter Rabbit's Christmas Tale, Penwizard Christmas Books, and Sands Alive.

7. This weeks page views were the highest I have ever received, add to that the fact I was ranked 255 in the Tots chart and 203 in the Foodies chart and as you can imagine I am ecstatic, it might not be number 1 but I'm so proud of how well me and my little blog are doing!

1. Currently looking for inspiration for Ellie and Jenson's bedroom...harder than you may think!

2. Also on the look out for sister/daughter/happy quotes and inspiration for wall art to finish of Elsie and Evie's bedroom, I really want it done before Christmas...wish me luck with that I'll need it!

3. I'm currently looking back through the blog from the very beginning and tidying it all up and I also have a view finishing touches to go with our new theme!

You Baby Me Mummy

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