Review and Giveaway. The The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep Book.

Now, I will start by saying that, generally my monsters are great at bedtime, 7 o'clock bedtime asleep by 7.15 most nights without needing me in the room. BUT every now and again, (usually when I am exhausted) they decide that sleep is not in the agenda and we can be up until 8/9pm so I thought this would be great to have as a back up, we have had it a while and finally got to try out the book everyone's been talking about, The  Rabbit Who Wants a to Fall Asleep. 

The night to try it out finally came on Elsie's 2nd birthday last week. She was in no way interested in falling asleep, despite no afternoon nap...8.00PM, an hour after her usual sleep time, came round and she was still a little live wire completely excited by all her new toys. 

She didn't want milk. 

She didn't want her blanket. 

My first thought? 

Oh bother. (I lie...I actually muttered a couple of swear word under my breath whilst I poured myself another coffee...) 

I was tired. 

I had been up since 5.15am, as had she, how was I exhausted and she was full of energy? 

It was then I remembered, the secret to reclaiming bedtime was sat on the book shelf. 

The Rabbit Who Wants To Falls Asleep, the number 1 best seller written by behavioural scientist Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin, tells the story of Roger Rabbit and your child, both of whom can't fall asleep. Mummy Rabbit takes both on a walk to visit the great wizard Uncle Yawn. Uncle Yawn knows just the trick to get Roger and your child to sleep! But I won't ruin it for you...

The story uses a unique and distinct language pattern that will, apparently, help your child to relax and fall asleep at bedtime. On the first page there are a few pointers, you need to read the book in a certain way. 

So did it work? 

In short and without gabbing on, yes! Yes it worked.

The first page she was still wriggling and so I sat her next to me and snuggled her in with my arm around her and continued reading. It took a couple of pages but eventually she stopped wriggling and settled to listen to the story. 

By the 4th page she was relaxed. 

Mid way and she laid down.  

By the time I had gotten to the last couple of paragraphs she was fast asleep. 

Now I have no way to know if she would have fallen asleep without the story, but what I do know is that a) she doesn't normally sit through any story and b) she never ever falls asleep with a light on. EVER! 

So on this occasion I give the book the benefit of the doubt! 

I will be trying it again, mostly it will be used at nap time rather than bedtime as that is when she generally messes around and fights sleep (remember, I said this particular day she had skipped her nap!). I will update you all as I give it a go next! 

Intrigued? Do you want to give The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep? I have an extra copy for one lucky winner. Enter via the Rafflecopter below to be in with a chance! 


  1. Would love to try this book, My 16 month old just dosnt sleep well so this would be worth a try as ive tryed everything else x Thanks for the chance x

  2. I saw this book in sainsburys might give it a go! Anything to help my little darling get to sleep ;) great review. #Toddlerapprovedtuesday

  3. This sounds really great- I mean, everyone loves a storybook, right? And sleep. oh how I love(d) sleep.... please.....just sleep....

  4. Excellent that it worked so well, it's definitely hard when they have exciting new toys to play with too. Looks like a great book! #toddlerapproved

  5. I've heard some mix reviews of this book would love to give it a whirl

  6. I have heard loads about this book, and right now after weeks of bedtime taking at least 2 hours - I will try anything and everything! Imagine if it really does work #reclaimbedtime ;-)

  7. My Granddaughter would love this book in her Christmas stocking


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