On Our Bookshelf. Christmas Books

I've just had a sort through of the toy that are in the living room a it had been a while and we had piles of toys all over! Including a gazzillion extra books wedged into the book shelf! So I cleared them all away and have grabbed some of our favourite winter/ Christmas themed books...

Our book shelf wouldn't be complete without a couple of That's Not My.. from Usborne books. We currently have the snowman and the angel. But a little birdy told me Santa may be bringing Santa and Reindeer!

Snowman's Party came in our Christmas Eve box last year, with partly foiled images on each page join in the snowman's Christmas party.

We were sent this book today as part of being a Parragon book buddy. We haven't yet read it but when we have I will link up the review here!

We have had this book since Ellie was small, the monsters love the story of Lettice as she goes on an adventure to find out just what Christmas is.

In this sequel to the Gruffalo (who guessed!) The Gruffalo's child goes of in search of the big bad mouse! What will he find? And who will he meet on his way?

What book shelf would be complete without an annoying musical book? This one has a different Christmas song for each button, and is short enough to not get annoyed at! 

This book came out of our Christmas Eve box last year. All the monsters enjoyed the Christmas Carol tale, including Ellie. 

Meet 5 little fairys all with something different but all special...

Join Freddie and his friends as he learns to fly, a super cute book with an accompanying penguin toy.

Happy Christmas Peter Rabbit, join Peter and his friends on a Christmassy adventure!


  1. Love seeing peoples Christmas books collection - it always surprises me when there are so many I haven't even seen before!

  2. Some lovely books there, The night before Christmas is a favourite here

  3. I've just done the same. We always read the night before christmas on christmas eve. #toddlerapprovedtuesday

  4. Great collection! Thanks for sharing :) #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

  5. I love the night before Christmas, it's our Christmas Eve box book and will the the last in our book advent this year. I might try and get hold of a kids Christmas carol, I've never seen one that's basic enough, I think the copy I have is pretty thick! Love seeing your book choices, and can't wait to see all your Christmas posts! X

  6. Leaving you so many comments tonight! loving all these - such great ideas that i will defo be doing! Suz x Beauisblue.com

  7. What a lovely selection of books for the run up :) some good ideas here for a Christnas Eve box - must start trying to think about ours!! Xx #toddlerspprovedtuesday xx

  8. We have the night before christmas, and 'That's not my reindeer' which is a nice one. Clara is loving Peppa Pig's christmas wish at the moment. #toddlerapprovedtuesday

  9. I need to sort out our winter / Christmas books. Thanks for the reminder :-)


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