5 Ideas For....Homemade Calendar Gifts

Every year I look forward to receiving the calendar's most school children come home with. We also make our own every year as gifts for Grandparents so as that time of year is quickly coming up I've been searching around to get some ideas for this years gifts. Here are my top 5 ideas for homemade calendars the kid can make...

Image from Red Ted Art (link above)

2. Handprint Art (pinterest) 

I can't seem to find where this has originated from, there just seems to be links that take you to an image on random blog pages, a couple of the links I clicked I got a virus alert so I shan't link. If you know where this idea first came from though do leave me a link below so I can link to the correct website!

Gorgeous four seasons calendar kids can make for a New Year craft
Photo from NurtureStore (link above)

Not so crafty? Why not try these:

Just £1.99 for a pack of 6 a great alternative if you aren't the craftiest. 

Photo from Baker Ross (link above)

5. Why not try a photo calendar? 

There are plenty of online stores where you can chose your layout upload your pics and then get them send to you, no hassle calendar gifts. 

Photo from Snapfish. Photo calendars from £14.99.  I wasn't paid to add this link. 

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