5 Ideas For...Family Christmas Movies

On our Christmas bucket list we have a family movie night and I have had a couple of email's asking what movies I suggest for family viewing, so with the help of Ellie and Jenson, here are our 5 favourite's for a family friendly Christmas movie night...

1. Elf.

This is definitely our family favourite, the one that comes out every year! Elf follow's Buddy the Elf and his  journey from the North Pole to New York city to find his real father after learning that he's not actually an elf.

2. The Grinch.

The story of the Grinch with a heart "two sizes too small" and how he learns the true meaning of Christmas. 

3. Home Alone.

8-year-old Kevin  booby traps his house to catch two stupid burglars who want to rob his house on Christmas Eve whilst  he's home alone!

4. The Santa Clause.

When Santa falls off Scott Calvin's roof, it's up to him to deliver all the presents before Christmas morning.

5. Polar Express.

Based on the book, The Polar Express follows a young boy on the adventure of  his life to the North Pole as he learns that anything is possible...you just have to believe!

Whats your family favourite movie? Let me know in the comments below, maybe its one we haven't discovered yet!