Birthday Gift Ideas For A Tween.

So a couple of week ago it was Ellie's friends birthday and, well, I wont lie I was really stuck for what to buy her! I mean I struggle with my own tween so what do I buy for a tween who I have no ideas about! So I  thought I would share what we bought and hope it might inspire someone in the future!

So if you have a tween you will probably understand me when I say tween's love a bit of You Tube! A few questions to Ellie and I soon found that she loved Sprinkle of Glitter so I grabbed her a copy of the new Sprinkle of Glitter diary.

And what pre-teen doesn't love chocolate? So I grabbed a couple of handmade bars from a local independent chocolate/sweet shop. One bar was a white chocolate with Oreo's and the second bar was a milk chocolate covered with sweeties and sprinkles! 

Ellie was really chuffed with the bits I chose and said she would love to receive them herself, how lucky that I have a diary tucked away for Christmas and maybe when she starts behaving I might treat her to the chocolate bars too (definitely a treat at £10 for 2 bars!!). 

Do you have  a tween? What would you say is the must have gift of 2015? Let me know in the comments below!

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