Activity Time. DIY Halloween Skittles

By now you all now I am a little obsessed with toilet roll crafts! And although these didn't turn out quite exactly as I imagined them to look (thanks to toddler mixing colours...ggrrr...hence the grey ghosts!) the end result still made my monsters happy, smiling and engrossed in something other than the TV for at least 30 minutes!

What You Need:
10 toilet roll tubes

black paint
white paint
orange paint
3 paintbrushes
white crayon
black marker pen 
a ball

First of all you need to paint your tubes in the appropriate colours, we chose to have pumpkin style skittles, 'ghosts' and bats. Then decide how many of each you want and get painting....its a messy job but someones gotta do it!!

Once they are dry draw on your details and you are ready to go! 

We played on our large coffee table and had lots of fun! Why not give it a go, its spookingly good fun and horrifically easy to make!