A Spooky #ParentIdeaSwap Link Up

It's time for another #ParentIdeaSwap! Tonight (October 5th 2015) myself, Leandra and Holly will be hosting our 10th Twitter chat and we are chatting all thing Halloween! 

Come and join us between 8 and 9pm tonight over on Twitter, and share your ideas, for costumes, treats, decor...

I am linking up with my Halloween Wooden Blocks from last year, and I shall add a few more as we make them throughout October too! 

There is no badge, but we are asking for you to please pop by and give some love to a few more linker upper's, not got time to comment? Why not pin them if you have a Halloween board? Or hit the share button to tweet it/Facebook it out? 


1 comment:

  1. Linked mine up. Going to pin the rest now. Thanks for hosting some great ideas.


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