To The Woman Who Thought It Was OK To Scaremonger...

You may have previously read my post about Getting Healthy and Saying Good Bye To The Diets, and also my post What A Woman Blogging About Body Image Taught Me...if you have you will understand why I was pretty pi**ed of the other night to receive a comment on a photo I had posted...

Now bear with me, so since saying goodbye to diets I have joined a gym, and I eat basically what I want when I want. Now I don't know about you but when you have had a good gym session, you know you want to keep it up and so this was the photo that I posted, take care to read the caption, in which I clearly states I have opted for the healthier choice here...

I went about my night, after thoroughly enjoying the above meal, I had worked out and eaten well I felt good, I felt healthy. In fact scrap that I felt GREAT!

Then my sister messaged me with laughing emoji's taking the mick out of a comment the above picture had received, I was eager to see it so popped onto my Instagram to see the comment, here it is:

Now there were a few things that got my goat with this comment...

a) there is no salad cream in the picture
b) they way she totally ignores my BETTER choice (I mean I could have had the f**ing Rolo Chocolate Mousse couldn't I!!!!)
c) parts of the sentence make NO sense!
d) the way she says 'course up to you' (patronising much!)


The thing that pi**ed me of the most, the part that really got on my t*ts...

The use of the word 'chemicals'.

The scaremongering. 

The fact that Ellie, and her friends have Instagram and could have seen this. The fact that if Ellie had seen this she would have been scared..I think this is the right word! I mean CHEMICALS..IN HER FOOD...what almost young teen wouldn't be scared. Right!

So after clicking the commenter's profile, because hey that what we do isn't it, imagine my face (and maybe some choice words) when I discovered that she was a juice plus seller...

Now I may be wrong but juice plus...hardly natural is it? And I mean I am no expert but chemical free? I think not*!  And I am 1 million percent positive MY choice of tuna salad and ''chemical full'' low fat natural yoghurt was 1 million percent healthier than living of a glass of juice every fu**ing day. 




The irresponsibility of the whole sentence. Sentences like this who make thousands of young girls insecure every day.

Scaremongering impressionable people by using scary words. 

F**k off love...just...just f**k off.

My initial reaction was to reply to her but actually, I didn't want that kind of comment on my page, maybe I was wrong, maybe I should have kept it on their and replied to her, erm faceless comment? But I didn't, I didn't want anybody to feel pressured by it. So I promptly blocked her juice selling ass, and deleted her comment. 

If I did reply? It would have looked something like this:

Because at the end of the day, I know that my choice was the healthy one, you know why? Because it was just that MY CHOICE. 

No body had dictated to me.

I hadn't counted calories. 

I wasn't pushing for low syns. 

I wasn't eating to loose weight. 

I was eating what I wanted to eat.

I was eating to be healthy. I was eating as part of my new outlook on eating. 

Everything in moderation. No obsessing. 

Because the obsessing? Well that's when problems start. 

Anyway enough of my ranting...

I'm off for a Twix...

And a Gin in a tin.

* (I will gladly delete this comment if someone KNOWS their are NO chemicals or bad stuff in them)

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