Bizzy Bitz Review

I have mentioned before that Jenson gets bored easily as he is at that 'on the cusp' age of being to old for preschool toys but still a bit young for older kids toys. One of his favourite things to play with is Lego...but when I say play I mean sits next to us and tells us what to build. And well I don't know about you but I am no Lego builder! So when Bizzy Bitz got in touch and asked us to review 135 piece construction kit I off course said yes! 

Bizzy Bitz kits, aimed at ages 3-5, come in kits of 35, 63 or 135 and at really great prices that any budget can afford. (£4.99 for 35 piece up to £17.99 for the 135 piece set).

Each kit comes with a variety of shapes and sizes that attach together using a clever ball and socket lock system, that after just a couple of goes Jenson had mastered, Evie needed a little more help!

First of all we chose to make a creation from the booklet inside the box, Jenson made a car and me and Evie made a plane. What's great is that once you have made your creation the fun begins, as the ball and socket system allows for 360 degree movement, meaning the wheels turn, the propellor moves, you can make a person with movable parts...

The possibilities are endless, all you need is imagination...

We have played with this so many times, its a new favourite in our house, Jenson loves building toys and we don't really play with Lego as the small parts and Elsie don't really mix, but with this the pieces are all big enough for Jenson to play with without Elsie getting up too mischief! I would really recommend Bizzy Bitz to anyone with construction loving kiddos!

Disclaimer: We were sent Bizzy Bitz in return for an honest review, all images 
and words are my own.