Kids Stuff Crazy Soap Review

It no secret around this blog that the monsters HATE bath time, I am always on the hunt for products to make it a little more fun. I always think it is best to have a basket full of kids products that they can choose what to use, we all know toddlers and preschoolers can be fickle at times and love something one day and hate it the next! So we were very excited to add Kids Stuff Crazy Soap to our kids bath time basket...

Kids Stuff kindly sent us 2 bath paints (red and blue), 3 foaming soaps (blue, pink and white) and 1 colour changing bubble bath. 

The Crazy Soap Foaming Soap (RRP £2.00) is a bit like shaving foam BUT its a thicker soap that can be moulded and bounced into any shape. I cant say we got any further than a ball! 

The Crazy Soap Body Paint (RRP £2.49) is paint that's a soap! Get messy to get clean...yes really!! It’s available in blue or red. 

The Crazy Soap Colour Changing Bubbles pour the gold sparkly liquid under a running tap and watch the water magically turn blue! Oh and you also get a cute bath time friendly penguin finger puppet to play with!!

We tend to shower the monsters so that we can just get it over and done with (literally they hate baths so much, it takes longer to fill the bath than the amount of time they stay in it!) So we haven't yet used the colour changing bubble bath.

So we grabbed our bath time goodies and started the bribe of bath time...

Jenson was desperate to try out the body paint and for the first time ever I had a child begging to get in the shower first rather than running the other way! Jenson was super chuffed that there was red paint, his favourite colour no less! He couldn't quite figure out that he could get messy at bath time and kept saying 'what sooooo I can cover myself in red paint yeah mummy?' as if to just confirm that he hadn't misheard me!

He had so much fun painting himself and then using the foaming soap to clean himself off, it definitely made bath time a little more bearable (lets not mention hair wash time hey!) 

The monsters favourite product was definitely the Kids Stuff Crazy Soap Bath Time Body Paint, it definitely made bath time smile time...