A Look Back At January's Blogging Goals.

Way back in January I wrote my Blogging goals for 2015, now, although I haven't focused on any particular goal specifically they have been in the back o my mind, so seeing as we are well just a few months from the end of the year I thought I would take a look back at my blogging goals and see how I am doing...

1. Set up subscriber email/newsletter.
Still not even looked at this, so I am setting myself a goal to have this done by the end of September, ready for a 1st October First Newsletter! Make sue you are subscribed for monthly subscriber only giveaways!

2. Decrease bounce rate by at least 10%.
Nope...I have no consistency at my attempts, I need to chose a 'way' and stick to it!

3. Feature on Tots as a chosen 'Great Read'.
Not yet! Although I haven't been submitting so I'm not going to really get anywhere am I if we are honest!!!

4. Get into the top 500 Foodies board
DONE! I've been top 500 since February..now to see if we can stay there!!

5. Get into top 500 Tots board.
Done! I finally got top 500 in June. Again, lets see if I can keep it up! 

6. Gain an ambassador-ship for a great company!
I have some exciting new coming up...watch this space!

7. Double the daily viewership of the blog.
Done! Thanks to you lovely lot sharing and spreading the word, daily view/readership have tripled since January!

8. Gain an understanding of Klout 

9. Gain an understanding of G+
Again I still have no idea! But I have heard that G+ is to be scrapped, anyone know the validity of such a claim comment below!

10. Start using You Tube more. 
YES! Pop over to our channel and subscribe for weekly uploads...and sometimes when you lucky there are bonus uploads too!

11. Start a new monthly feature and collaborate with another blogger.

Did you hear of the Kids Make and Bake Club yet? A You Tube channel we launched in June in which my 4 monsters and 4 other bloggers kids (whodda guessed huh!) show you how to make or bake something every Monday! Ohh and there's a brand new blog too! We are looking for guest bloggers and vloggers too, get in touch if its something you would like to collaborate with!

12. Double my Social Media followers 

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