The Week That Was...25th - 31st July 2015.

I made it! I made it through the first week of the Summer Holidays...phew! 

Home Life.

1. The weekend was chilled out and relaxed, we spend the afternoon with my Mum and went out for tea on Saturday and on Sunday, after a very early start, we were up, dressed and ready to go by 8.15 so we decided to head out to a couple of car boots before the rain came (and stayed!)...the rain came and so the paint came out and we had a messy afternoon! 

2. The rest of the week had one thing in common...rain...every flippin' day! We tried not to let us stop us and we grabbed our wellies and umberella's and got out. Luckily Sure Start have loads to get us through the holidays! (phew!)  #MumWin

3. I got the monsters all hyped up for baking, we were going to make biscuits for Nanny and Grandad....well that was a major #MumFail because we had no flippin flour! DOOOHHH!!

4. Another great week for #TATSummerFun. We have had stamper fun, stenciling, threading and chalking.

Blog Life.

1.The blogger routine I mentioned last week has gone, ermm...well OK actually. Although a couple of nights I have strayed from routine but I have managed to catch up! (I just have a couple of linky to catch up on!)

2. I have a couple of giveaways coming in the next few week's keep a look out!

3. I got a little downhearted on Friday after the dreaded MOZ update! But then all was but right when I received an email from a company/PR I had been working with offering me more work with them as they had loved what I had done for them! That kind of makes it better...its not always about what numbers and rankings you get!

Things To Look Forward To and Inspiration For The Week Ahead...

1. We have another busy week of activities, from a kids cookery class to a bear hunt! 

2. We are off for a day at Butlins yey! 

3. I'm looking out for homemade drinks for an upcoming project! (Yep I'm about to be slobbing in Pinterest heaven!)

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