The Ordinary Moments...Sleeping Monsters.

One of my favourite parts of the day is the 2 minutes before I go to bed...

When I go upstairs, and pop into the monsters room's and tuck them in for the night. 

Their faces so peaceful, after a day causing mayhem. Their little bodies so still after hours of running around, hours of climbing, non stop since they woke at 6am. 

Elsie's little lips doing a sucky thing on her tongue whilst she snuggles up to her blanket. Evie with her Mr Snuggles snuggled close by. Jenson usually in a different part of the bed to where you left him and Ellie...well Ellie has usually stripped off, it doesn't matter what time of year it is she is always hot (and sweaty!!!).

A time for me to push aside the parts of the day that, well weren't great. The part of the day where all of a sudden the tantrums and the naughty moments of the day are forgotten, as I stroke their hair and kiss their foreheads and whisper goodnight and I love you. And sometimes, if they wake up then I lay down with them for one last sleepy snuggle...

The ordinary everyday moments when you think Wow I Made That...

Their are no photos of Ellie on this post as she is adamant that I will be the worlds worst/most embarrassing mum EVER if I posted pictures of her sleeping!  

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