The Love/Hate Challenge

Thanks to the lovely Mudpie Fridays for the tag in the Love/Hate challenge...

Things I Hate...

1. Tantrums 'nuff said!

2. Woman who judge other woman

3. Irresponsible drivers.

4. The lack of husband and wife time me and the hubs get. Its hard to find someone to look after 4 kids!

5. People who don't use their manners! This is a big one, it can ruin a day for me. It takes 2 seconds to say thanks.

6. People who don't appreciate the things you do for them.

7. Staying indoors.

8. Periods! Bleurgh!

9. Parenting debates. Is you child clean? Do they sleep? Are they nurtured? Are they fed? Are they loved? YES? Then I don't care how you parent!  

10....I'm sure there are plenty, maybe its my good mood but I cant think of another...look out for an update!

Things I Love...

1. My monsters

2. The hubster

3. My family

4. Coffee!!!

5. Pasta!

6. Being a stay at home mummy.

7. Exploring new places.

8. Camping

9. Cooking. I love getting in the kitchen and cooking something from scratch.

10. Taking photos

I Tag: 


  1. Thank you for taking up the nomination, I agree parenting debates can get annoying! :) I also love discovering new places - could almost be addicted! Hope you manage to get a date night soon xx

  2. Coffee and pasta! Ahaha, I share your deep love for these things too. Women who hate on other women annoy the hell out of me, I hate judgey women and WORST OF ALL, women who looks beautiful and together and they damn know it and they look down on you and make you feel like shit. Actually I share all of your hates, I could carry on past 10...:P Ray xx


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