I Am The Mum Who...

The lovely Beth at Twinderelmo tagged me recently in I Am The Mum Who so here goes!

I am the Mum who...Tells the kids that the scrap man and his truck is going around collecting naughty children!

I am the Mum who...Cries at stuff I know my kids would love...like today when we watched Disney Parades on You Tube!

I am the Mum who...has used the kids birthday money to pay an unexpected bill (don't worry they got it back!)

I am the Mum who...Loves sleepy snuggles.

I am the Mum who...gets the kids names wrong EVERY time I speak to them!

I am the Mum who...Got caught pregnant with my 3rd baby when my 2nd baby was just 5 months old AND THEN got caught pregnant with my 4th baby when the 3rd baby was 7 months old!

I am the Mum who...sometimes gets cross and shouts.

I am the Mum who...has flashed her boobs to the postman (unintentionally may I add!)

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